The Untersberg

The Untersberg - a Magic Mountain

The Untersberg is known for its countless caves. Many of these caves have not been explored to this day. Fairies, dwarves, giants, noblemen, castles adorned with silver and gold treasures are said to be hidden inside the Untersberg. The Untersberg is considered a "magic mountain", there are dozens of stories, legends and myths surrounding it.

The Dalai Lama called the Untersberg "the heart chakra of Europe". This mountain is a place of power, which is visited by esotericists to find peace, inspiration, and comfort. There are persistent rumors, that inside of the Untersberg there are time holes in which time passes faster or slower.

Hiking and Climbing on the Untersberg

The Untersberg offers beautiful but challenging climbs with a unique view over the low-lying city of Salzburg and the Berchtesgadener Land. In good weather, you can also see the Chiemsee lake. The summit station of the Untersberg cable car is in the high alpine terrain at 1,776 m. If you do not have enough power for the climb, you can take the Unterberg cable car up to the top of the mountain. From the mountain station, you can hike to the Geiereck with imposing summit cross or descend to the Stöhr house and to Maria Gern.

From the top of the mountain, you can also hike down to the Toni-Lenz mountain hut or to the Schellenberger ice cave. On the left, you follow the Thomas-Eder-Steig, which runs through rock tunnels and secured bands through the wall. From the Wandfuß it is not far to the entrance of the ice cave (1570 m). Find out more about the show cave from our article "The Schellenberger Ice Cave". From the ice cave, it goes on a mountain trail to Toni Lenz hut (duration: about 10 minutes).

The climber will find on the walls of Untersberg a considerable number of climbing routes in various degrees of difficulty. Note: In some climbing routes, however, it may happen that after prolonged rainfall through the partially karstified plateau water penetrates through the interior of the mountain and through cracks and holes to the surface again. Therefore, it makes sense to wait for tours of some routes 2 - 3 sunny days.

Huts on the Untersberg

The Toni-Lenz hut (1,450 m) stands on the Bavarian side of the Untersberg near the Schellenberger ice cave.

The  Zeppezauer house is a hiking, alpine and climbing center on the Untersberg. The descent from the mountain station of the Untersberg to the Zeppezauer house is easy and takes only about 20 minutes. From here you can hike e.g. to the Toni-Lenz-Hütte (1450 m) via the Schellenbergersattel (walking time: approx. 2 hrs) or via Salzburg Hochthron and Thomas-Eder-Steig (walking time: approx. 2.5 hrs).

The Stöhr house (1,894 m) is below the Berchtesgadener Hochthrons on the Untersberg. The Stöhrhaus is three to four hours from the Schellenberg Ice Cave. Upstairs you will be rewarded with a fantastic panorama to the Watzmann and the Steinernen Meer.

Refreshments also offer the Scheibenkaser, a managed rustic hut below the south wall of the Untersberg. At the Kaser at 1,436 meters altitude, you have a beautiful view of the Berchtesgadener valley and Hohen Göll, Watzmann and Steinernes Meer.

Behind the Kaser leads the way to the Berchtesgadener Hochthronsteig, a demanding via ferrata through the 400-meter-high east wall of the Untersberg.

The Untersberg Cable Car

The Untersberg cable car station is about 40 minutes by car from the Hotel Gastager away (via Bad Reichenhall).

Address: Dr.-Friedrich-Oedl-Weg 2, 5083 Gartenau

The cable car overcomes from the valley station in Grödig to the mountain station a difference in altitude of 1320 meters. The Untersberg gondola runs every half hour to the full and half hour.

Opening hours: from 08.30 to 17.00 every day of the year. Revision times in spring and autumn at

The Untersberg cable car offers special action days throughout the year: e.g. Youth day, at which young hikers under 18 pay only 4 Euro for uphill and downhill travel. On Mother's Day the ascent and descent cost for all women & girls 4 Euro etc.

Home-made food from the Salzburg region is served in the restaurant at the mountain station. From there you can enjoy the view of the Salzkammergut far into the Bavarian countryside.

The Untersberg in Winter

In winter, the Untersberg is a popular ski resort with the 7.5 km long downhill slope into the valley. Once down in the valley, you can take the bus back to the valley station. From the mountain station to the start of the piste you need about 20 minutes on foot. It is more than twice as long as the Kitzbühel Streif and with its 1,400 vertical meters, it is higher.

Off the ski run on the Untersberg there are some high alpine ski tour possibilities. One of them is the way through the "Kleine Brunntal" to the Salzburg Hochthron. This descent requires avalanche safe conditions, it is very steep and sometimes narrow.