The Koenigssee – a Great Lake in the Alps

The Königssee in the middle of the Berchtesgaden National Park is the only fjord-like mountain lake in Central Europe. Königssee is one of the few alpine lakes that usually remain ice-free in winter.

Only noiseless electric boats sail on the Königsee, the lake has drinking water quality and is one of the cleanest lakes in Germany.

St. Bartholomä is the landmark of Königssee. The drive to St. Bartholomä takes about 45 minutes. During the crossing, a lot is told about the Königsee. After about 1/3 of the distance the ship stops and a trumpeter plays a song, which can be heard again several times as an echo.

TIP: Most guests go only to St. Bartholomä, because there is the former hunting castle, which today serves as an idyllic inn, a very beautiful, world-famous pilgrimage church St. Bartholomä, further hiking opportunities and from there you have a fabulous view of the Watzmann and its "family". But don't forget to drive all the way to the Salletalm and hike to Obersee. If you are a good walker, you can continue from there to the alpine hut at the other end of the lake Obersee.

It takes only 40 minutes by car from our hotel Gastager in Inzell to the lake Königssee.