The Ice Cave of Schellenberg near Inzell

The Schellenberger ice cave is opened!

The Schellenberger ice cave in the mountain Untersberg (about 35 minutes by car from the Hotel Gastager away) is Germany's largest touristically accessible ice cave at 1,570 m above sea level.

Marvel at the peculiar glittering ice formations with 60,000 cubic meters of ice and a thickness of up to 30 meters in the large halls deep inside the Untersberg massif! The Untersberg massif belongs to the massifs with the largest cave deposits, among them the famous Riesending-Schacht cave.

The Schellenberg ice cave in the Berchtesgaden Alps has been presented to the public since 1925 as a show cave. A guided tour on the circular trail takes about 40 minutes. Guided tours with a trained cave guide take place every hour between 10 am and 4 pm from June to October. Admission: adults - € 8,00, children from 6-16 years - € 4,00. Dogs (in the cave on a leash) are allowed!

The temperature in the ice cave is between -0.5 and +1.0 degrees Celsius.

Of the explored 3621 meters of the ice cave, 500 meters are accessible to visitors as part of a guided tour.

The show cave is without electric light, you get carbide lamps and you can also carry your own headlamps. The illuminated ice crystals of ice columns, ice flags and icefalls are glittering as if they were filled with countless diamonds and gemstones. Studies by pollen analysis have shown that the ice in the back of the Schellenberger cave is about 3000 years old!

Public transport: Bus 840 - Berchtesgaden direction Salzburg, stop "Eishöhle" right at the entrance to the hiking trail to the Schellenberger Ice Cave.

If you are traveling by car, you can park in the free parking lot of the Schellenberger ice cave, it is located between Marktschellenberg and the border with Austria, on the B 305. Continue on foot. You can reach the Schellenberg ice cave from Marktschellenberg via the managed Toni Lenz Hut (1450 m) on the Untersberg in about 3.5 hours. The trail with 970 vertical meters is steep and you need a good condition. The Toni Lenz Hut has been open since 1 June and can also be reached with the cable car of the Untersbergbahn and further via the Thomas Eder steep track. From the hut, it is only 20 minutes to the Schellenberg ice cave. Once at the top, enjoy a wonderful view of the Watzmann and Übergossene mountain pasture of the Hochkönig (2.941 m).

If you want to take the cable car up to the Untersberg:

The valley station is located on the Austrian side of the Untersberg in the village of St. Leonhard in Grödig. You drive to the summit Geiereck and then go over the Salzburg Hochthron to the Mittagsscharte and from there via the Thomas Eder steep track to the ice cave of Schellenberg. The walking time to the ice cave is about 2.5 hours.

After visiting the cave, you can hike across the Salzburger Hochthron to the Geiereck, enjoy the famous view over Salzburg and the surrounding area and from the summit take the Unterberg mountain cable car (German: Untersbergbahn) back to the valley.

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