The Aschauer Gorge Near Inzell

The Berchtesgadener Land has a variety of gorges: Almbach gorge at Marktschellenberg, Wimbach gorge in Ramsau, Weißbach gulch below the German Alpine Road between Inzell, Weißbach and Schneizlreuth and the somewhat less known Aschauer gorge.

The approximately 2.5 km long Aschauer gorge is located south of Schneizlreuth in the Aschau nature reserve. The entire gorge is considered a biosphere reserve and is very rich in species, a paradise for plant lovers!

The Aschauer gorge at the foot of the Reiter Alp is a little-known gem in Bavaria. Although not as spectacular as other gorges, it is a perfect destination for families with children. The trail is not steep and on steeper passages, you can easily continue well-secured trails.

Admission to the Aschauer gorge is free.

This gorge is highly recommended for those, who are seeking peace. The path through the gorge is also recommended for dog owners. Be sure to bring a floating toy - there are several beautiful places to go with the dogs in the water.

The Aschauer gorge is only 17 km away from the Hotel Gastager in Inzell. Drive to the Haiderhof or take a bus to the bus stop “Renner”.

The starting point for the tour is the bus stop Renner in Schneizlreuth, the town hall next to the church in Schneizlreuth or directly on the Haiderhof.

The circular route Haiderhof-Aschauerklamm-Aschauerklause-Oberjettenberg-Haiderhof

The path leads from the Haiderhof through the gorge to the Aschauerklause to Oberjettenberg and back.

From the Renner bus stop in Schneizlreuth, head in the direction of Saalach, cross it and then keep to the right. After approx. 40 minutes you reach the Haiderhof. Directly on the Haiderhof begins the path through the Aschauer gorge. The gorge is traversed by the Aschauer creek. Narrow but signposted paths often lead close to the waters of the Aschauer brook. On a bridge, you change to the other side of the stream. Behind it goes a bit steeper uphill. Now the actual gorge begins. About steps you walk past a small waterfall and to another wooden bridge.

After this idyllic brook hike through the Aschauer gorge (duration about 1 hour) you reach the hut Aschauer Klause. This hut is not managed, but you find a beautiful, shady picnic area there.

If you have enough endurance, you can climb down to the canyon and hike down to the valley at low tide.

Otherwise, you cross the Klause and go left towards Oberjettenberg. You pass 2 tunnels and down in the valley you will see the sign back to the Haiderhof. Hungry you reach the beer garden and enjoy the homemade snacks and fresh Bavarian beer. Cheers! : -)

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