Ski Resort Spitzingsee

On the shores of a beautiful blue lake, surrounded by high mountains and dense forest, It is one of the most popular ski resorts in Bavaria - Spitzingsee. This picturesque place attracts tourists with its natural beauty, clean mountain air and excellent winter entertainment. There will be something for both beginners and experienced skiers or snowboarders.
Spitzingsee is a small town, and there are only 7000 people live. Here you can recover from the hustle and bustle, surrounded by almost untouched nature, especially since a big city - Munich is only an hour away. In addition to winter entertainment and beautiful nature, the resort is known for its healing mountain air. It is not for nothing that doctors have been recommending people to come here for centuries with allergies and respiratory diseases.
Spitzingsee is a magnificent ski resort, one of the three most popular winter destinations in Germany. There are many different paths that are suitable for both children and docile professionals. A special attraction of the resort is the Burton Snow Park, where professional athletes prepare for competitions. By the way, special emphasis is placed on a high degree of safety in the park - guests can get free helmets and protective equipment for skiing. Spitzingsee is also one of the longest in Germany sled runs, the length of almost five kilometers.