Pure Relaxation in the Rupertus Therme

The Spa & Family Resort Rupertus Therme in Bad Reichenhall is located in first-class mountain scenery. Here you relax in the indoor and outdoor pools on approximately 1,500 m2  of water surface. The water temperatures are between 32 and 40 ° C.

The Bad Reichenhaller AlpenSole is led by the saline directly into the thermal bath RupertusTherme and distributed to the pools. The Bad Reichenhaller AlpenSole from the primeval sea is enormously rich in minerals and trace elements. It nourishes the skin, relaxes muscles and joints, strengthens the immune system.

A visit to the spa is worthwhile for the beautiful mountain panorama. The guests have at their disposal a sound and colored light pool, whirlpool on the gallery, brine grotto, solarium, children's playroom, health and fitness center and even a sports area with 375m2 of water surface.

The 850 square meter sauna area includes Finnish saunas and wood-fired earth sauna. A little further below the Bad Reichenhall RupertusTherme is the salt-latrine sauna Laist-Sole-Dampfbad with mineral silt applications and ceremonial salt infusions.

The sauna was recreated the mine of a mine. Thick, wood-fragrant beams support ceilings and walls. The wall is made of massive salt bricks so that the room air is constantly enriched with brine. The finely atomized brine strengthens the respiratory system, the Alpine brine provides better blood circulation, strengthens the immune system and helps with muscle and joint complaints.

A valuable by-product of salt mining is the Laist (also referred to as peloid). It contains many valuable minerals and is used in the RupertusTherme in the wellness center and in the alpine sauna area of ​​the RupertusTherme. Its mineral composition is based on clay and siltstone, soluble salts, anhydrite, gypsum, and polyhalite, it also contains potassium, magnesium and calcium salts as well as sulfate and bicarbonate.

In the evening the outdoor pools are illuminated, in different places, it is always offered a bubble area.

Imagine yourself: framed by a unique natural backdrop of mountains in the outdoor pool in the whirlpool lie, enjoy the view of the Alps, from there in the evening the sunset and the starry sky watching, massage in the spa ...

Enjoy the soothing effect of the warm Alpine brine or spend a day with your family in the large family bathroom.

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