Spring festival of the mountains

May 20-27, 2018 - Spring brings the world to life again. A colorful program on the topics of deceleration, nature and originality recharges the battered batteries. Especially worthwhile is the visit to the traditional forest festival of the Trachtenverein D'Rauschberger-Zell on the grounds of the Holzknechtmuseum. At Bavarian customs, fine delicacies and tasty beer, it can be celebrated. In the bell forge, the old hammer mill is put into operation and on the large grindstone you can see how previously tool was sanded.

The special beer garden atmosphere, in the midst of nature with music, Plattler and dance interludes are something very special and one should have experienced once. The action day at the Holzknechtmuseum is under the motto "Naturally!" And offers everything from flying fox for the kids to herbal and mushroom hikes for the adults. From the culinary side delicacies are served from the grill, coffee and cake of Röckifrauen and of course specialty beers.