Day Trip to the Lake Chiemsee

The famous Chiemsee cycle path and many other cycles and hiking trails lead around the lake. You can simply walk around it, cycle, swim, fish, surf or visit its famous islands.

There are three islands in the Chiemsee, also known as the "Bavarian Sea": Fraueninsel ("ladies' island"), Herreninsel ("gentlemen's island") and Krautinsel (“herbs' island”). In summer the Krautinsel serves as a pasture for cattle. There are also three very small islands: The Schalch and two nameless islands, which are connected with each other by a gravel bank. The Herreninsel with its Herrenchiemsee Castle and the Fraueninsel with its ancient Benedictine monastery and a cute fishing village are visited every year by people from all over the world.

The Benedictine monastery Frauenwörth on the Fraueninsel in Chiemsee was founded in the 8th century. The monastery is very large and occupies almost a third of the total area of the Fraueninsel.

In 1873 King Ludwig II acquired the Herreninsel in Chiemsee, where he built his New Castle Herrenchiemsee as a private residence. The castle is a copy of Versailles Castle in France. A large garden was also planned to follow the example of Versailles.

Herreninsel and Fraueninsel can only be reached by ship or by boat. The Chiemsee boat trip departs in summer from Prien and Bernau directly to Herreninsel, and from Gstadt, Seebruck, Chieming, and Übersee via Fraueninsel.