Hot Air Ballooning and Balloon Week in Inzell
Hot Air Ballooning and Balloon Week in Inzell
Hot Air Ballooning and Balloon Week in Inzell

Don't miss the hot air balloon glow at our festival 2020 in Inzell!

From 26.01.2020 to 01.02. 2020 are again many balloon teams in Inzell. For the whole week, you could fly over the Chiemgau.

The Traditional Balloon Glow at the beginning of Inzeller Balloon Week will take place on Sunday, from 4 pm on the Kreuzfeldwiese.

At dusk, the balloons are blown up and enlightened with a giant blower.

Admission is free. A great supporting program with live music and Bavarian delicacies complete this unique experience.

The HOT AIR BALLOON GLOW ON THE INZELLER KREUZFELD MEADOW is an overwhelming event that attracts hundreds of locals and tourists every year to Inzell.

Do not miss the opportunity to join in and enjoy a breathtaking and romantic view from the top of the beautiful Chiemgau mountains.

The registration for the balloon trip in the guest information under Tel .: 08665 / 9885-0

We look forward to your vacation in our Hotel Gastager in Inzell!

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Winter Holidays with Your Dog
Winter Holidays with Your Dog
Winter Holidays with Your Dog

Our dog-friendly hotel Gastager invites all owners with their faithful four-legged friends for a winter holiday! Here you can exchange the stress and worries of everyday life for peace and relaxation.

Especially on the Winklmoos near Inzell a winter hiking tour with a dog makes a lot of fun!  Your pets enjoy here fresh air and gentle snow, feel the freedom and play wildly.

What is there to consider while the winter hiking with your dog:

The long-haired dogs, in particular, have to fight with rock-hard, scorching snow clumps on the paws.

Therefore, we advise to shorten the hair between the toes before the walk and to cream the paws thick.

The dogs with short fur are not naturally protected from the cold in winter outdoors. They need a warm dog sweater.

Leave the hustle and bustle of life behind and enjoy nature in Inzell to the full! Go on a new adventure with your dog!

Check out our top deal "Holiday with Your Dog"!

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The Hochfelln in the Chiemgau
The Hochfelln in the Chiemgau
The Hochfelln in the Chiemgau

The Hochfelln is called “The Observation Deck of the Chiemgau”.

The Hochfelln cable car takes you up. The Hochfelln cable car runs in two sections: first to the middle station and after short changes to Hochfellnhaus on the summit. The cable car can be reached from the motorway exit Bergen (BAB 8 Salzburg-Munich) in 5 minutes. The Hochfelln cable car has daily service from 1 May - Allerheiligen from 9:00 clock driving. In winter, the train and the lifts on the Bründling-Alp run daily during the week from Friday-Sunday and during the Christmas and Carnival holidays. Further information at

On the summit of the Hochfelln you have a panoramic view over the lake Chiemsee and in the Alps to Tyrol, South Tyrol, and the Salzburger Land.

A promising hiking tour leads from the valley station of the Hochfelln cable car up to the 1,674 m high summit. The way to the middle station can be mastered without problems. It is a forest path that you can really go easy.

The restaurant "HOCHFELLNBLICK" at the middle station is open when driving the cable car from 10.00-17.00 clock.

The Hochfellnhaus is the highest located inn in the Chiemgau!

Below the summit is the Bründling alp. The Bründling Alp (1161 m) is one of the oldest and most beautiful pastures in the region of Hochfelln. The Bründling Alp is exactly halfway to Hochfelln and invites you to take a break.

Paragliders and hang gliders appreciate the Hochfelln because of its good take-off opportunities. If you come more often, you can buy a 10-card including daily membership at the box office of Hochfelln cable car station.

Demanding ski runs on perfectly groomed, but rather challenging slopes are waiting for you. For beginners and families with children, the lifts on the Bründling Alp are ideal.

Address for Navi: Steinberg-Alm 1 83324 Ruhpolding.

The International German Championship 2019 in Inzell
The International German Championship 2019 in Inzell
The International German Championship 2019 in Inzell

At the International German Championship 2019 in Inzell, for the first time, the German individual track champions over 500 m up to the long edges 10,000 m, as well as the mass start races in an international field of participants are chosen. Including athletes from Austria, Belgium, and Switzerland as well as the entire elite of the German speed skating community, among others Claudia Pechstein, Nico Ihle, Patrick Beckert, and the Inzeller Joel and Roxanne Dufter.

When: 8th November - 10th November
Where: Max Aicher Arena Inzell, Reichenhaller Straße 79, 83334 Inzell

Start times:
Friday, 08.11.2019 at 16:00
Saturday, 09.11.2019 at 13:00
Sunday, 10.11.2019 at 09:30

Start Friday 16:00: Stretch 500m men & women, 3000m women, 5000m men
Start Saturday 13:00: Stretch 1000m ladies & men, 5000m ladies, 10,000m men
Start Sunday 09:30 am: Stretch 1500m Ladies & Men, Mass Start Ladies & Men

Tickets available at the box office - € 5

Our cozy Hotel Gastager invites you to stay between the 8th and 10th of November 2019, as you can reach the famous Max Aicher Arena on foot in just 10 minutes.

The Schneibstein in the Berchtesgaden Alps
The Schneibstein in the Berchtesgaden Alps
The Schneibstein in the Berchtesgaden Alps

Schneibstein (2276 m) - A hike on the Schneibstein with countless beautiful views of the rugged Berchtesgaden mountains.

The Schneibstein is considered the lightest 2000er of the Berchtesgaden Alps and can be relatively easy to hike. If you take the cable car to the Jenner, you can shorten the ascent time by 1 ½ hour. One of the most beautiful views of the Königssee is undoubtedly from the observation deck of the Jenner.

The hike on the Schneibstein with the overnight stay in the Gotzen alp (1685m) is a great 1.5-day tour directly over the lake Königssee. The ascent to the Gotzen pasture is long but easy, with magnificent views of the Watzmann massif, Königsee, Hochkönig, etc.

Take a short detour and stop by an original Enzian distillery. During the summer season, the distillery (from Monday to Friday) burns gentian. Of course, you can also taste it here. Then go back a bit and descend to the mountain pasture Königsbach.

From the Schneibstein it goes over the mountain lake Seeleinsee and the Königsbach alp back to the parking lot Hinterbrand. The lake Seeleinsee is also a popular destination for a day hike. Around the lake, the Kahlersberg, the Hochseeleinkopf and the Tauernwand stretch upwards. The Seeleinsee is a hidden treasure: a small oasis of peace in the mountains. The bathing is allowed and because the Seeleinsee also has drinking water quality, the storage bottles can be easily filled up.

The popular ski and hiking tours Kleine Reibn und Große Reibn also lead across the mountain. The Schneibstein is easily accessible, which makes it a sought-after destination. The steep downhill route leads over the Reinersbergbruggl. The Großen Reibn (Reibn means both "curve" and "round tour" in Bavarian) is a two to two and a half-day demanding ski tour in the Berchtesgaden Alps. The route circles the Königssee in a clockwise direction runs through the Hagengebirge and the Steinerne Meer and ends in the Wimbachtal.

Chiemgau Lakes
Chiemgau Lakes
Chiemgau Lakes

There are around 50 lakes in the Chiemgau region in Bavaria (Germany).

The Lake Chiemsee

The Chiemsee at the foot of the Bavarian Alpine foothills is with approximately 80 square kilometers the largest lake in Bavaria and is therefore also called "Bavarian Sea". There is an incredible number of activities, places, and excursions that can be tackled around the lake.

You can rent bikes and drive around the Chiemsee (about 60 km). Directly at the Chiemsee, there is also a climbing park and the possibility to stand up paddling. The Chiemsee is a true sailing paradise. Around the Chiemsee, there are numerous hiking trails, mountain peaks, and pastures. The lakeshore is almost undeveloped with countless opportunities for swimming. In Prien, located directly on lake Chiemsee, there is a beautiful indoor pool with an outdoor area. The outdoor pool has a great view of Herrenchiemsee Castle. In winter or in cold weather, the water is heated. More about Lake Chiemsee can be found in our newsletter-entry "Day Trip to the Lake Chiemsee".

The Islands Herreninsel und Fraueninsel in the Chiemsee

The two islands, the Herreninsel with the castle Herrenchiemsee and Fraueninsel with the monastery and the Herb garden are well worth seeing. The islands can be reached by boat or by ferry. The starting point for many excursions around and on the Chiemsee is Prien. The trip to Herreninsel from Prien takes about 30 - 45 minutes and is a fantastic experience. There is the West Island Tour, the East Island Tour and the Great Chiemsee Tour. The ships run throughout the year: according to the summer timetable and according to the winter timetable (the timetables can be found here). The island Herreninsel is almost uninhabited, on the Fraueninsel live around 250 islanders, so you have many opportunities to overnight on the island or to eat deliciously in one of the numerous restaurants. The monastery area covers about one-third of the total area. Benedictine nuns live in the convent on the Fraueninsel. Together with about 50 employees, they run a monastery, a monastery shop, a herb garden, and a flower garden. The Benedictine abbey Frauenwörth in the Chiemsee was traditionally founded around the year 772. The monastery Frauenwörth itself cannot be visited, only the monastery church (the Marienmünster), the Carolingian gate hall from the 9th century, the chapel and the cemetery, on which the well-known sculptors, painters, writers, professors and musicians rest.

The circular walk around the Fraueninsel is about 1.5 kilometers long and lasts between half an hour or - with many stops - three hours.

The Waginger Lake

The Waginger lake in "Small Canada" between Ruhpolding and Reit im Winkl is in the so-called Three-See area. Lake Waginger is the warmest lake in Upper Bavaria. Already in May, the water in the lake warms to about 20 degrees, in midsummer it can be up to 27 degrees. Lake Waginger is one of the most popular bathing lakes in the Chiemgau. In Waging alone, there are three beach resorts to choose from, and there are further baths in Kühnhausen and Gut Horn. On the beach Salzachinsel snow-white, sandy beach was heaped up and real palm trees set up. There is also a large dog beach here.

Fishing in the Waginger Lake

Due to the rapid warming of the lake due to its small depth of only 27 meters, Lake Waginger is a paradise for anglers. Fish such as roach, rudd, carp, tench, bream, arbor and aitole, zander, eel, lake trout, pike and catfish can be caught here. Fishing at Lake Waginger is allowed from 1 May to 31 October.

The lake Waginger lies in a nature reserve between Chiemgauer and Berchtesgaden Alps and relates to the Tachinger Lake.

The Tachinger Lake

The Tachinger lake is in the east of the Chiemgau. The natural beach baths in Taching am See and Tengling with their fantastic mountain panorama are the insider tips among the outdoor pools. Various cycling and theme trails invite you to slow down. The 25 kilometres long circular path takes you around the Waginger lake and Tachinger lake. You can also just cycle around Tachinger lake by driving over the pier near Tettenhausen.

At the Tachinger lake you can rent stand-up paddles and (electric) boats.

Around the Tachinger lake are located next to the famous Waginger lake numerous other lakes, e.g. lake Fridolfinger in the Upper Bavarian district of Traunstein (about 7 km), Weidsee near Petting (about 9 km), the bog lake Abtsdorfer See, also called Haarsee (about 15 km).

The Lake Tuettensee

The Tüttensee is in a dead ice kettle between Grabenstätt and Vachendorf. The small bog lake is secluded in a landscape conservation area - pure nature enjoyment. Walk 1.75 kilometers or ride on a well-developed bike path around the lake. Directly on the lake is the bathing place with two swimming islands in the middle of the lake.

The Lake Taubensee

The Taubensee (engl. “Pigeon Lake”) in the Chiemgau near Reit im Winkel or Kössen at the German-Austrian border - is called "the Pearl of the Alps" or "the Eye of the Chiemgau". Address for navigation: Birnbacher Straße 42, 83242 Reit im Winkl (free parking). From the parking lot, you can hike or ride a mountain bike over the Hutzen alp and Stoibenmöser alp to the Taubensee. While hiking again, and again, beautiful views open on Chiemsee, Hochfelln, Hochriß, Kampenwand, Hochplatte, on Sonntagshorn to the mountains on the famous lake Koenigssee. The year-round managed Taubensee hut (1165 m) is only about 10 minutes’ walk from the lake and invites after bathing and hiking for alp-snack. Approximately 30 minutes away from the hut is the Sonnwendköpfl (1279 m) with a beautiful vantage point on the Kaisergebirge and the Loferer Steinbergen mountains.

The Nature Reserve Seeoner Lakes

The Seeoner Seen nature reserve comprises seven lakes: the Griessee, the Brunnensee, the three connected lakes Seeleitensee, Mittersee and the Jägersee, as well as the Klostersee and the Bansee. The largest lakes in which one can also swim are the Griessee and the Klostersee.

The Monastery Seeon

Make a detour to the former Benedictine monastery and the former monastery church of St. Lambert. Kloster Seeon stands on the monastery island, which is connected to the mainland by a small idyllic pedestrian bridge. Important sight inside the St. Lambert church is the Seehofer Madonna (around 1430, in copy, the original is in the Bavarian National Museum in Munich). Famous monastic guests were Haydn and Mozart. The young Mozart composed two offertories specifically for Seeon Abbey. Nowadays the monastery is a hotel and a culture u. educational Center, where exhibitions, concerts and other cultural events, such as the Mozart Week, held. The 90 former monk cells are now single and double rooms, most of them overlooking the lake. The church of St. Maria zu Bräuhausen, built in 1532, can be reached in three minutes via a footbridge from the monastery.

Inzell's Lakes 

Explore Inzell's lakes: Falkensee, Zwingsee, Krottensee, and Frillensee.

The holiday region Inzell offers peace and relaxation in nature and is not far from the famous lake Chiemsee with its islands Fraueninsel and Herreninsel. But even in Inzell itself, there are enough lakes and streams to admire.

The Falkensee lies in the Weit valley at the foot of the mountain Falkenstein. Start: Hiking parking lot at the Max-Aicher-Arena. Starting at the Max Aicher Arena, Inzell's speed skating hall, you walk past the lake Zwingsee. Before returning, we recommend a side trip to the moor lake Krottensee.

The lake Frillensee is about 5 km east of the center of Inzell. From the Hotel Gastager Inzell, you can walk to the hiking car park at the Forsthaus Adlgaß or drive to the car park (about 20 minutes by bike, about 7 minutes by car). The trail along the Frillensee stream and through the forest is nice, especially if it is very warm. The mountain massif of Hochstaufen is reflected in the clear waters of the Frillensee with its bright white colour. On the north side of the mountain lake, a marsh with rare plant species has formed. However, a hiking tour around the Falkensee is possible, because an idyllic wooden bridge was built over the moor.


Castle Hohenaschau with Priental Museum
Castle Hohenaschau with Priental Museum
Castle Hohenaschau with Priental Museum

The castle Hohenaschau was built in the 12th century and it was the seat of important noble dynasties for about seven centuries. The original medieval knight's castle has been varied and expanded in the course of more than 800 years of existence. After the Second World War, the castle became the property of the Federal Republic of Germany. At present, it is mainly used as a holiday and recreation home.

Castle Hohenaschau is one of the most powerful castles on the edge of the Alps. It is spectacularly located on a rocky ridge about 50 meters high above the Prien valley near Aschau (about 30 minutes by car from Inzell away).

The castle can only be visited as part of a guided tour from May to October. The small, free Priental museum next to the cafe and shop can be visited before or after the tour. Tuesday & Thursday 13: 30h and 15: 00h; Wednesday & Friday 10: 00h and 11: 30h; Sundays and holidays 13: 30h and 15: 00h. Prices: Adults: 5,00 €, children (6 to 16 years): 3,00 €.

There is also an extra children's guide "Wild knights - cheeky fairies", with games and fun, but also educational. Dressing up with a knight's helmet and a fairy cloth, a lance game and an entry in the "Golden Children’s Book" make a lot of fun. The children's tour takes about two hours.

At Burg Hohenaschau there are a falconry and flight demonstrations with falcons, buzzard, Milan (Black Kite, Red Kite) and eagle (Bald Eagle, Steppe Eagle, Golden Eagle).

Flight demonstrations: April to October (always Wednesday to Sunday) at 15 o'clock; Mid-July to mid-September: Tuesday to Sunday, from 11 am and 3 pm

Duration: about 45 minutes, admission about 30 minutes before

In the area of ​​the castle there are concerts and in summer also theatre performances.

There are coffee and cake on the terrace in the Burgladerl on Sundays and public holidays from 13:00 to 16:30.

The driveway with a private car is forbidden! Please use free parking near the Festhalle! Walking time to the castle about 10-20 minutes.

Pure Relaxation in the Rupertus Therme
Pure Relaxation in the Rupertus Therme
Pure Relaxation in the Rupertus Therme

The Spa & Family Resort Rupertus Therme in Bad Reichenhall is located in first-class mountain scenery. Here you relax in the indoor and outdoor pools on approximately 1,500 m2  of water surface. The water temperatures are between 32 and 40 ° C.

The Bad Reichenhaller AlpenSole is led by the saline directly into the thermal bath RupertusTherme and distributed to the pools. The Bad Reichenhaller AlpenSole from the primeval sea is enormously rich in minerals and trace elements. It nourishes the skin, relaxes muscles and joints, strengthens the immune system.

A visit to the spa is worthwhile for the beautiful mountain panorama. The guests have at their disposal a sound and colored light pool, whirlpool on the gallery, brine grotto, solarium, children's playroom, health and fitness center and even a sports area with 375m2 of water surface.

The 850 square meter sauna area includes Finnish saunas and wood-fired earth sauna. A little further below the Bad Reichenhall RupertusTherme is the salt-latrine sauna Laist-Sole-Dampfbad with mineral silt applications and ceremonial salt infusions.

The sauna was recreated the mine of a mine. Thick, wood-fragrant beams support ceilings and walls. The wall is made of massive salt bricks so that the room air is constantly enriched with brine. The finely atomized brine strengthens the respiratory system, the Alpine brine provides better blood circulation, strengthens the immune system and helps with muscle and joint complaints.

A valuable by-product of salt mining is the Laist (also referred to as peloid). It contains many valuable minerals and is used in the RupertusTherme in the wellness center and in the alpine sauna area of ​​the RupertusTherme. Its mineral composition is based on clay and siltstone, soluble salts, anhydrite, gypsum, and polyhalite, it also contains potassium, magnesium and calcium salts as well as sulfate and bicarbonate.

In the evening the outdoor pools are illuminated, in different places, it is always offered a bubble area.

Imagine yourself: framed by a unique natural backdrop of mountains in the outdoor pool in the whirlpool lie, enjoy the view of the Alps, from there in the evening the sunset and the starry sky watching, massage in the spa ...

Enjoy the soothing effect of the warm Alpine brine or spend a day with your family in the large family bathroom.

Opening times

The Untersberg
The Untersberg
The Untersberg

The Untersberg - a Magic Mountain

The Untersberg is known for its countless caves. Many of these caves have not been explored to this day. Fairies, dwarves, giants, noblemen, castles adorned with silver and gold treasures are said to be hidden inside the Untersberg. The Untersberg is considered a "magic mountain", there are dozens of stories, legends and myths surrounding it.

The Dalai Lama called the Untersberg "the heart chakra of Europe". This mountain is a place of power, which is visited by esotericists to find peace, inspiration, and comfort. There are persistent rumors, that inside of the Untersberg there are time holes in which time passes faster or slower.

Hiking and Climbing on the Untersberg

The Untersberg offers beautiful but challenging climbs with a unique view over the low-lying city of Salzburg and the Berchtesgadener Land. In good weather, you can also see the Chiemsee lake. The summit station of the Untersberg cable car is in the high alpine terrain at 1,776 m. If you do not have enough power for the climb, you can take the Unterberg cable car up to the top of the mountain. From the mountain station, you can hike to the Geiereck with imposing summit cross or descend to the Stöhr house and to Maria Gern.

From the top of the mountain, you can also hike down to the Toni-Lenz mountain hut or to the Schellenberger ice cave. On the left, you follow the Thomas-Eder-Steig, which runs through rock tunnels and secured bands through the wall. From the Wandfuß it is not far to the entrance of the ice cave (1570 m). Find out more about the show cave from our article "The Schellenberger Ice Cave". From the ice cave, it goes on a mountain trail to Toni Lenz hut (duration: about 10 minutes).

The climber will find on the walls of Untersberg a considerable number of climbing routes in various degrees of difficulty. Note: In some climbing routes, however, it may happen that after prolonged rainfall through the partially karstified plateau water penetrates through the interior of the mountain and through cracks and holes to the surface again. Therefore, it makes sense to wait for tours of some routes 2 - 3 sunny days.

Huts on the Untersberg

The Toni-Lenz hut (1,450 m) stands on the Bavarian side of the Untersberg near the Schellenberger ice cave.

The  Zeppezauer house is a hiking, alpine and climbing center on the Untersberg. The descent from the mountain station of the Untersberg to the Zeppezauer house is easy and takes only about 20 minutes. From here you can hike e.g. to the Toni-Lenz-Hütte (1450 m) via the Schellenbergersattel (walking time: approx. 2 hrs) or via Salzburg Hochthron and Thomas-Eder-Steig (walking time: approx. 2.5 hrs).

The Stöhr house (1,894 m) is below the Berchtesgadener Hochthrons on the Untersberg. The Stöhrhaus is three to four hours from the Schellenberg Ice Cave. Upstairs you will be rewarded with a fantastic panorama to the Watzmann and the Steinernen Meer.

Refreshments also offer the Scheibenkaser, a managed rustic hut below the south wall of the Untersberg. At the Kaser at 1,436 meters altitude, you have a beautiful view of the Berchtesgadener valley and Hohen Göll, Watzmann and Steinernes Meer.

Behind the Kaser leads the way to the Berchtesgadener Hochthronsteig, a demanding via ferrata through the 400-meter-high east wall of the Untersberg.

The Untersberg Cable Car

The Untersberg cable car station is about 40 minutes by car from the Hotel Gastager away (via Bad Reichenhall).

Address: Dr.-Friedrich-Oedl-Weg 2, 5083 Gartenau

The cable car overcomes from the valley station in Grödig to the mountain station a difference in altitude of 1320 meters. The Untersberg gondola runs every half hour to the full and half hour.

Opening hours: from 08.30 to 17.00 every day of the year. Revision times in spring and autumn at

The Untersberg cable car offers special action days throughout the year: e.g. Youth day, at which young hikers under 18 pay only 4 Euro for uphill and downhill travel. On Mother's Day the ascent and descent cost for all women & girls 4 Euro etc.

Home-made food from the Salzburg region is served in the restaurant at the mountain station. From there you can enjoy the view of the Salzkammergut far into the Bavarian countryside.

The Untersberg in Winter

In winter, the Untersberg is a popular ski resort with the 7.5 km long downhill slope into the valley. Once down in the valley, you can take the bus back to the valley station. From the mountain station to the start of the piste you need about 20 minutes on foot. It is more than twice as long as the Kitzbühel Streif and with its 1,400 vertical meters, it is higher.

Off the ski run on the Untersberg there are some high alpine ski tour possibilities. One of them is the way through the "Kleine Brunntal" to the Salzburg Hochthron. This descent requires avalanche safe conditions, it is very steep and sometimes narrow.

Cattle Driving in Bavaria
Cattle Driving in Bavaria
Cattle Driving in Bavaria

Cattle Drive - Tradition in Bayern

Experience a piece of Bavarian customs in the Chiemgau!

The Cattle Driving has a long tradition in the Alps and it is celebrated with festivities, music, dancing and culinary treats.

In the autumn, usually in the course of the month of September, the cows and cattle return from the lush alpine meadows to the valley for wintering. The dairymen prepare the farewell to the pasture. The well-fed alpine cows are festively decorated with magnificent, hand-made jewelry (wreathed) and brought under bells and accompanied by many helpers from the pastures back down to the stables of the farms. The jewelry for the cattle is made by the shepherds themselves, it consists of fir green, spruce branches, and alpine flowers, decorated with colourful ribbons, baubles, mirrors, in addition, bells or clamps forged from sheet metal, which are intended to drive the evil demons out of the cows.

Cattle Drives near Inzell

Cattle drive across the lake Königssee

In Schönau at the mountain lake Königssee, the cattle are brought back to the valley via the water on the motorized transport boats from the Salet mountain pasture and Fischunkel alpine pastures. The cattle driving over the mountain lake Königssee takes place at the beginning of October. Due to various circumstances (weather conditions, accidents, etc.), the dates can be changed at short notice. Please inform yourself about the exact date here.

The 10th Chiemgau Cattle drive 2019 on September 8 at the Winklmoos mountain pasture in Reit im Winkl

From 10:00 o'clock the hiking autumn 2019 will be opened. You can expect guided themed hikes (herbal hike, geological hike, alpine and summit view hike, meditative hike, alpaca hike), genuine Chiemgau delicacies, live music, yodeling lessons. A free bus transfer will take you from the Seegatterl car park to the Winklmoos pasture and back to the valley. The parking is for free.

At the hiking parking lot (German: "Wandermarktplatz"), the starting point of the hikes, a colourful supporting program with climbing tower, face painting, archery, Segways provides for entertainment.

Admission to the event is free. The event takes place in any weather.

Detailed program Chiemgau Almumtrieb

Sheep drive

22.09.2019 - the traditional sheep driving of the Rechenberg alpine pasture in Unterwössen with varied program in the spa park: the arrival of the sheep at ca.12.00 clock in the spa park, stand concert, assessment and licensing of breeding studs, sausage samples from Alpine sheep, sales of wool products, auction of the sheep-breeders.

The Ice Cave of Schellenberg near Inzell
The Ice Cave of Schellenberg near Inzell
The Ice Cave of Schellenberg near Inzell

The Schellenberger ice cave is opened!

The Schellenberger ice cave in the mountain Untersberg (about 35 minutes by car from the Hotel Gastager away) is Germany's largest touristically accessible ice cave at 1,570 m above sea level.

Marvel at the peculiar glittering ice formations with 60,000 cubic meters of ice and a thickness of up to 30 meters in the large halls deep inside the Untersberg massif! The Untersberg massif belongs to the massifs with the largest cave deposits, among them the famous Riesending-Schacht cave.

The Schellenberg ice cave in the Berchtesgaden Alps has been presented to the public since 1925 as a show cave. A guided tour on the circular trail takes about 40 minutes. Guided tours with a trained cave guide take place every hour between 10 am and 4 pm from June to October. Admission: adults - € 8,00, children from 6-16 years - € 4,00. Dogs (in the cave on a leash) are allowed!

The temperature in the ice cave is between -0.5 and +1.0 degrees Celsius.

Of the explored 3621 meters of the ice cave, 500 meters are accessible to visitors as part of a guided tour.

The show cave is without electric light, you get carbide lamps and you can also carry your own headlamps. The illuminated ice crystals of ice columns, ice flags and icefalls are glittering as if they were filled with countless diamonds and gemstones. Studies by pollen analysis have shown that the ice in the back of the Schellenberger cave is about 3000 years old!

Public transport: Bus 840 - Berchtesgaden direction Salzburg, stop "Eishöhle" right at the entrance to the hiking trail to the Schellenberger Ice Cave.

If you are traveling by car, you can park in the free parking lot of the Schellenberger ice cave, it is located between Marktschellenberg and the border with Austria, on the B 305. Continue on foot. You can reach the Schellenberg ice cave from Marktschellenberg via the managed Toni Lenz Hut (1450 m) on the Untersberg in about 3.5 hours. The trail with 970 vertical meters is steep and you need a good condition. The Toni Lenz Hut has been open since 1 June and can also be reached with the cable car of the Untersbergbahn and further via the Thomas Eder steep track. From the hut, it is only 20 minutes to the Schellenberg ice cave. Once at the top, enjoy a wonderful view of the Watzmann and Übergossene mountain pasture of the Hochkönig (2.941 m).

If you want to take the cable car up to the Untersberg:

The valley station is located on the Austrian side of the Untersberg in the village of St. Leonhard in Grödig. You drive to the summit Geiereck and then go over the Salzburg Hochthron to the Mittagsscharte and from there via the Thomas Eder steep track to the ice cave of Schellenberg. The walking time to the ice cave is about 2.5 hours.

After visiting the cave, you can hike across the Salzburger Hochthron to the Geiereck, enjoy the famous view over Salzburg and the surrounding area and from the summit take the Unterberg mountain cable car (German: Untersbergbahn) back to the valley.

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The Aschauer Gorge Near Inzell
The Aschauer Gorge Near Inzell
The Aschauer Gorge Near Inzell

The Berchtesgadener Land has a variety of gorges: Almbach gorge at Marktschellenberg, Wimbach gorge in Ramsau, Weißbach gulch below the German Alpine Road between Inzell, Weißbach and Schneizlreuth and the somewhat less known Aschauer gorge.

The approximately 2.5 km long Aschauer gorge is located south of Schneizlreuth in the Aschau nature reserve. The entire gorge is considered a biosphere reserve and is very rich in species, a paradise for plant lovers!

The Aschauer gorge at the foot of the Reiter Alp is a little-known gem in Bavaria. Although not as spectacular as other gorges, it is a perfect destination for families with children. The trail is not steep and on steeper passages, you can easily continue well-secured trails.

Admission to the Aschauer gorge is free.

This gorge is highly recommended for those, who are seeking peace. The path through the gorge is also recommended for dog owners. Be sure to bring a floating toy - there are several beautiful places to go with the dogs in the water.

The Aschauer gorge is only 17 km away from the Hotel Gastager in Inzell. Drive to the Haiderhof or take a bus to the bus stop “Renner”.

The starting point for the tour is the bus stop Renner in Schneizlreuth, the town hall next to the church in Schneizlreuth or directly on the Haiderhof.

The circular route Haiderhof-Aschauerklamm-Aschauerklause-Oberjettenberg-Haiderhof

The path leads from the Haiderhof through the gorge to the Aschauerklause to Oberjettenberg and back.

From the Renner bus stop in Schneizlreuth, head in the direction of Saalach, cross it and then keep to the right. After approx. 40 minutes you reach the Haiderhof. Directly on the Haiderhof begins the path through the Aschauer gorge. The gorge is traversed by the Aschauer creek. Narrow but signposted paths often lead close to the waters of the Aschauer brook. On a bridge, you change to the other side of the stream. Behind it goes a bit steeper uphill. Now the actual gorge begins. About steps you walk past a small waterfall and to another wooden bridge.

After this idyllic brook hike through the Aschauer gorge (duration about 1 hour) you reach the hut Aschauer Klause. This hut is not managed, but you find a beautiful, shady picnic area there.

If you have enough endurance, you can climb down to the canyon and hike down to the valley at low tide.

Otherwise, you cross the Klause and go left towards Oberjettenberg. You pass 2 tunnels and down in the valley you will see the sign back to the Haiderhof. Hungry you reach the beer garden and enjoy the homemade snacks and fresh Bavarian beer. Cheers! : -)

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Old Saltworks in Bad Reichenhall
Old Saltworks in Bad Reichenhall
Old Saltworks in Bad Reichenhall

The Old Saltworks (German: Alte Saline) in the historic core of the town Bad Reichenhall at the foot of the mountain Gruttenstein is open all year round. The Alte Saline, one of the oldest large saltworks in the world, resembles a castle and was built at the request of King Ludwig I of Bavaria in 1837. The Old Saline offers an impressive backdrop not only from the outside. There is everything as it was 150 years ago in the dark tunnels and mysterious caves of the Old Salt Works. A guided tour through the extensive tunnel system goes down into the fascinating underground world (lasting about one hour). After the tour, you can visit the 5 exhibition rooms of the Salt Museum. Inquisitive people learn everything about the origins and the processing of salt to the present day.

Address: Alte Saline Bad Reichenhall, Alte Saline 9, D - 83435 Bad Reichenhall

Opening hours (open year-round): 24th March to 31st October: every day from 10 am to 4 pm

02. November to 31. March: Monday closed. Tuesday to Friday from 11:00 to 15:00;

every 1st Sunday of  a month from 11.00 to 15.00

Arrival: By public transport to the railway station Bad Reichenhall, from there about 5 minutes on foot.

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Chiemgau Alpine Pastures
Chiemgau Alpine Pastures
Chiemgau Alpine Pastures

Dear hikers,

Visit our traditional, panoramic Chiemgau alpine pastures with a typical alpine snack!

The alpine pasture Keitlalm/Keit Alp lies below the mountain Rauschberg at an altitude of 969 metres and can be reached from the Hotel Gastager in Inzell by bike or on foot. And this is how to get there by bus: take the bus to Reit im Winkl at the bus station in Inzell, the bus stops directly at the Holzknechtmuseum, you should simply follow the signs to Kaitlalm from the hiking car park at the Holzknechtmuseum. You walk along the creek Fischbach, further into the Schwarzachental valley up to the pasture Schwarzachenalmen, on the right you have a wonderful view of the Sontagshorn, the highest of the Chimgauer mountains (1961m). After about 1.5 hours you will reach the beautiful alpine pasture between Kienberg and Seßseekopf.

The mountain pasture Reiteralm/Reiter Alp (980 m) is famous for its homemade, delicious cheesecake. The parking possibility: in Weißbach from Inzell coming after the gas station right over the bridge, then left into the "Oderweg". The 2nd left "Am Litzlbach", then straight ahead, now the shady parking lot at the edge of the forest is reached.

Both alpine pastures Harbachalm /Harbach Alp and the Bichleralm/Bichler Alp are located near Weißbach on the Alpenstraße. To the pasture Harbachalm you walk along an abandoned forest railway path along the Weißbach, which leads along the Schwarzache. It continues no less beautifully: past small waterfalls through the wildly romantic gorge to the Bäckinger Klause. After you have reached the Harbachalm, you can walk approx. 300 m more to the rustic Bichleralm (one of the oldest alpine pastures in the region) or continue to the alpine pasture Keitlalm (approx. 1/2 hour). Parking: in Weißbach parking opportunity "Mauterfeld Reitereck" at the B 305 or immediately after the town sign on the right. From there follow the signs 22 "Keitlalm-Pichleralm-Harbachalm".

And here it goes to the article "The Hiking Trail to Zwiesel (1386 m)".

Alpine Pastures Around Inzell in the Chiemgau

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Rossfeld Panoramic Road Near Berchtesgaden
Rossfeld Panoramic Road Near Berchtesgaden
Rossfeld Panoramic Road Near Berchtesgaden

The Rossfeld panoramic road at 1,600 m around the Obersalzberg is almost a ring road. At the top, there is a fantastic view on two sides. On the one hand the Salzach Valley, which is over 1,000 meters lower, and on the other side - the mountain Untersberg. One looks over the Marktschellen mountain out to the airport Salzburg. In fine weather you can look over Berchtesgaden, Mozart city Salzburg in the north, the Tennengau region in the east, the Tennen Mountains (German: Tennengebirge) and the Hagen Mountains (German: Hagengebirge) in the southeast, the Steinernes Meer (literally "Rocky Sea"), the Kehlstein (1,837 m), the Watzmann (2,713 m), the lake Königssee, the Hochkalter (2,607 m), the Jenner, the Lattengebirge (also sometimes called the Latten Mountains), the mountain chain Tauern, the Green Heart of Austria Styria (in the distance). Above all the view of the Hohen Göll (2,522 m) and the Kehlsteinhaus (known as the Eagle's Nest) is excellent! Who makes a holiday in Inzell should go there as well. You will be very glad to have made this "detour" (about 50 minutes by car from the hotel Gastager away).

The road is not in public hands and therefore you should pay tolls. Prices: passenger cars incl. persons - €8,50, motorcycle incl. driver and passengers - € 5,00. From Berchtesgaden train station you can go by bus 848 with the guest card for €3  (toll) up to the street. For cyclists the panoramic street is free. The climb is almost always in the forest up to 1400 vertical meters, making it a perfect cycling route even on hot summer days.

Please be careful, some drivers brakes unexpectedly to enjoy one or the other great view!

The highest panoramic road in Germany is a very winding route (maximum gradient: 13%) to the very top, and therefore it is a dream route for motorcyclists.

Park the car and take a little hike now and then! The street has about 400 parking spaces at the viewpoints and hiking paths. Next to the parking lot at Hennenköpfl is a panoramic walkway (700m, approx. 20 minutes) with the informative signs. Two mountain inns and a kiosk invite you to rest and retreat. If you feel like it, you can climb up to the Purtscheller Alpine Club Hut (1,692 m). The panoramic road is also an ideal starting point for a mountain hike to the Eagle's Nest (1,834 m).

Of course, it is worth it to drive the road when the weather is nice. On the website you can preview the webcam images.

The panoramic road in front of the mighty Göll massif has two driveways: The south driveway starts at the Klaushöhe on the Obersalzberg and the north driveway begins in Berchtesgaden-Oberau.

The Rossfeld scenic road is passable even in winter. The Roßfeld is a great family ski area in Berchtesgadener Land with various lifts and an about 6 km long downhill to Oberau. Thanks to the altitude, the Roßfeld is the most snow-sure natural snow ski region of Bavaria with three tow and two practice lifts and a separate snowboard slope.

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Combi-Saison Card for the Pools in the Chiemgau
Combi-Saison Card for the Pools in the Chiemgau
Combi-Saison Card for the Pools in the Chiemgau

The swimming pools in Inzell, Bergen, Siegsdorf, Traunstein, Ruhpolding, Reit and in the Winkl have joined together to form the "Chiemgau Spa World". The season ticket costs 145 euros for families, 80 euros for adults and 47 euros for children. You can buy the season ticket in the tourist information in Inzell, Bergen, Siegsdorf and Vita Alpina.

With a season pass of the Chiemgau spa you world get free admission in all six baths.

"We are thus taking another step towards strengthening our cooperation in the field of tourism", as the mayors and tourism experts presented the new "Bäderwelt" map.

In Inzell, a special bathing experience awaits you in a natural bathing lake with crystal clear water. The Inzeller Naturbadesee is only 10 minutes walk from our Hotel Gastager. This offers the natural lake pool in Inzell: 10,000 m2 of water, spacious lawns and wooden walkways, beach volleyball, jumping rocks, children's pool, children's playground, mother-child area, football field, bathing island, sun terrace, beer garden. In Badepark Inzel there is also an indoor pool and a sauna area.

The Traunsteiner swimming pool offers its visitors a 50 meter long competition pool and a 75 meter long giant slide, and in Ruhpolding a diving tower and a fun slide with light and water effects awaits you.

More information can be found here

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The Natural History and Mammoth Museum Siegsdorf
The Natural History and Mammoth Museum Siegsdorf
The Natural History and Mammoth Museum Siegsdorf

The Museum of Natural History and Mammoth Siegsdorf, with an exhibition area of ​​more than 650 m², has four floors and a Stone Age garden, which is open from May to October.

The opening hours of the Natural History Museum in the summer season (13.04.2019 - 03.11.2019): 10.00 - 18.00 daily and in the winter season (04.11.2019 - 20.12.2019): Sundays from 10.00 to 17.00, in the period from 21.12.2019 to 04.01 .2020 daily from 10:00 to 17:00; closed on the 24th and 31st of December.

Here you will learn a lot about the 250 million years long geological history of Southeastern Bavaria, e.g. about the origin of the Alps, about the history of Chiemgau, etc.

The Museum of Natural History and Mammoth Siegsdorf is the third largest natural history museum in Bavaria and welcomes around 50,000 visitors per year.

The Siegsdorf Mammoth Museum owes its origins to the discovery of approximately 45,000-year-old mammoth bones in 1975. Since its opening in 1995, more than one million people have visited Europe's largest and best-preserved mammoth skeleton.

Address: Auenstraße 2, 83313 Siegsdorf (12 km / 13 minutes by car from the Hotel Gastager in Inzell).

Prices: Adults - € 7, children and adolescents from 6 years - € 4 .

The Village Festival in Inzell at the End of July
The Village Festival in Inzell at the End of July
The Village Festival in Inzell at the End of July

All guests from Inzell, Ruhpolding, Anger, Bad Reichenhall, Piding, Bischofswiesen and and are cordially invited to celebrate with us from 12 o'clock on Saturday, the 28th of July on the Town Hall Square in Inzell!

Come to stroll, linger, sing and dance in Inzell!

The music band Inzell, whip-cracking, exciting program for children, raffle, cable car of the mountain rescue Inzell, delicious food ... are waiting for you. Whipsnapping is a traditional sport in Bavaria and the native Bavarian men will do concert performances as a band.

The Reikartz team of the Hotel Gastager Inzell wishes you lots of fun and entertainment for young and old!

You can read about other village festivals in Bavaria here

Dodge date: July 28th

Venue: Rathausplatz

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The Bike Path to the Lake Thumsee
The Bike Path to the Lake Thumsee
The Bike Path to the Lake Thumsee

"Thumsee Burns" - Open Air Concert on July 13, 2019, 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm is an event that you should not miss.

The Thumsee is the mountain lake in the nature reserve Thumsee. It is located east of the town Bad Reichenhall, 11 km from Inzell away. From the Hotel Gastager to the mountain lake you only need about 1 hour by bike (2.5 hours on foot). On Fritz-Gastager-Straße go south towards Bichlstraße, turn left onto Bichlstraße, turn right onto Am Bichl, turn left onto Reichenhaller Str./B306, turn right towards B305, follow B305 all the time. Continue on Nesselgraben and then on Thumsee street.

The trail around the Thumsee, surrounded by the mountain peaks of the Bavarian Prealps and the Berchtesgaden Alps, is about 2.5 kilometers long and you can easily circle it on foot in 40-45 minutes. The well-developed path around the lake is also suitable for rollator or stroller. The extended hikes to the lake Listsee or to the mountain pasture Höllenbach are beautiful and not very exhausting.

The Thumsee is one of the most popular bathing lakes in the Berchtesgadener Land. The sunbathing area at Thumsee is free of charge, and you will also find the Thumsee-bath and a swimming pool with a terrace café here.

A highlight is the water lily farm Seemösl, located near the lake on a small swamp pond.

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Alpine Pastures Around Inzell in the Chiemgau
Alpine Pastures Around Inzell in the Chiemgau
Alpine Pastures Around Inzell in the Chiemgau

Reichenhaller House / Staufenhaus on the mountain Hochstaufen (1750 m altitude) -  opened from 18.05.2019 (26 places to stay, at the moment, however, only daytime operation, no overnight stays). Reservations are requested by calling 08651/55 66.

The alpine pasture Harbach (ger. Harbachalm) on the Alpenstrasse near the gorge Weissbach -  opened from 01.05.2019 (closed on Wednesdays). The alp is easy to reach, it is an excellent destination for families with children.

The mountain pasture Bichler (ger. Bichleralm) -  opened from 28.05.2019 (closed on Mondays), just a few minutes’ walk from the Harbach alp. From the parking lot at the Reiter Bridge (Reiterbrücke), you need about one hour on the Waldbahnweg or the forest road along the Schwarzachen.

The Stoisser alp (ger. Stoißeralm) on the 1334 m high mountain Teisenberg -  opened from 18.05.2019. Starting point Inzell from parking Adlgas on the forest road to Bäcker alp or on the forest road on Inzeller height and continue on the trail to Stoißer alp.

The alpine pasture Bäcker (ger. Bäckeralm) in Inzell at the south side of the mountain Teisenberg at 1067m altitude -  opened from 01.05.2019 until mid-October.

The alp Höllenbach (ger. Höllenbachalm) between Weissbach and Bad Reichenhall, above Thumsee -  opened from 04.05.2019 until mid-October (open daily from 10 am to 6 pm). 12 minutes by car from the Hotel Gastager Inzell away.

The mountain pasture Boider (ger. Boideralm) on the Unternberg in Ruhpolding -  opened from 01.06.2019 to September. From the Hotel Gastager, you can reach the alp in 15 minutes on foot.

The Kessel-Alp in Inzell -  opened from 01.05.2019 (closed on Wednesdays). Every Sunday there is live music here. The pasture has a summer tire track, a playground and a few animals to pet. (Only 5 minutes by car from the Hotel Gastager in Inzell away).

The mountain pasture Reiter (ger. Reiteralm) a bit off the other Weißbacher alps -  opened from 01.06.2019 (closed on Mondays and Fridays).

The alpine pasture Steiner (ger. Steineralm) with a wonderful view of the Chiemgau with the Lake Chiemsee and the Salzburger Land -  opened from 10.06.2019.

The alp Moar (ger. Moaralm) in nature and water reserve Wildenmoos of the municipality Inzell -  opened from 05.05.2019 to October (closed on Mondays and Tuesdays), from 11 to 19 o'clock. 7 minutes by car from the hotel Gastager away.

The mountain pasture Zwiesel (ger. Zwieselalm) at 1,386 meters above Bad Reichenhall - open from Friday, 7 June 2019, Wednesday-Sunday (10: 00-17: 00). (closed on Mondays & Tuesdays).

The alpine pasture Fürmann (ger. Fürmannalm) on the Irlberg near Anger is open every Sunday (closed in January). Starting point/parking: Irlberg 41, 83454 Anger (30 minutes by car from the Reikartz Hotel Gastager Inzell away).

Chiemgau Alpine Pastures

Tandem Flights Near Inzell
Tandem Flights Near Inzell
Tandem Flights Near Inzell

Paragliding is certainly one of the most fascinating sports there is!

With the "FLUGCENTER Ruhpolding" you can realize your flights of 140 meters, 680 meters and 900 meters difference in altitude at Unternberg and Rauschberg. Even in bad weather conditions, you can do a tandem flight in the flying area at Watles with an experienced, specially trained tandem pilot from SKYbanani without prior knowledge.

Just take some steps together at the start, take off, fly and see the world from a bird's-eye view. With us, you can also realize your dream of flying in twos or threes. Your pilot will fly you safely down to the valley.

If you opt for the Rauschberg, you will experience an incredible view far beyond the lake Chiemsee and into the Alps.

Flying at the Unternberg

For the pleasure flyers and beginners especially the Unternberg has a lot to offer. The consistent updrafts from the valley allow a relaxed soar along the slope from noon to sunset. The landing site in Bärngeschwendt is large, and it is easy to fly to.

Appointments by telephone: 08663/4198969 (Bärngschwendt 6, 83324 Ruhpolding)

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Pentecost 2019 in Inzell in the Chiemgau
Pentecost 2019 in Inzell in the Chiemgau
Pentecost 2019 in Inzell in the Chiemgau

Experience Pentecost in Bavaria with traditional events and typical Whitsunday customs and enjoy the awakening summer during the walks, hikes on beautiful alpine pastures and cycling tours in the mountain and lake landscape of the Chiemgau Alps! 

The fresh mountain water and the dense forests make Inzell a health resort. Anyone who has been here will be happy to come back: the lush green of the meadows, mountains, and lakes, the varied foothills of the Alps with their babbling brooks and wildflower meadows and the impressive chain of Chiemgau mountains - all this promises pure relaxation!

The beautiful mountain scenery of the Alps offers you numerous active offers. Whether in summer there are about 150 km of hiking trails that start at our doorstep or about 2000 km of cycle paths that connect the Chiemgau with the Berchtesgadener and the Salzburger Land. Excursions are almost uncountable and cannot be used in a week. For example hikes in and around Inzell (Falkensee, Krottensee, Frillenseeetc.), trips to the Lake ChiemseeKönigssee, the Berchtesgaden Salt Mine, Roßfeld ring road, amusement park Ruhpolding, various cable and cog railways (Wendelstein, Rauschberg, Jenner), Winklmoosalm, Salzburg, etc. 

Nordic Walking also has its place in Inzell. Since 2006 Inzell DSV Nordic Aktiv Center has specialized in Nordic walking. Three tours are signposted in the village, the starting point is the Nordic Active Center at Sport Hochreiter and the ski school Inzell near the Badepark, which is only about 8 minutes walk from our hotel.

We wish you and your family a Happy Whitsunday!

Reikartz Team Hotel Gastager

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Summer Toboggan Run in the Chiemgau
Summer Toboggan Run in the Chiemgau
Summer Toboggan Run in the Chiemgau

Opening hours of the summer toboggan run "Der Chiemgau Coaster" in Ruhpolding: open daily from the beginning of the Easter holidays (Sat. 13.04.2019). The track is approx. 1,100 m long with roundabouts, steep bends, jumps, and waves. They reach a maximum speed of approx. 40 km/h (78 m difference in altitude, 24% highest inclination).

The speed is self-adjustable, the sledges have a modern magnetic brake system.

The braking system of these toboggan runs is also designed for humidity and snow, so that the all-weather toboggan run "Der Chiemgau Coaster" is in operation all year round.

The sledges run on elevated tube rails, similar to those of a modern roller coaster.

For the hunger after tobogganing off to the Hofalm!

Enjoy great impression pictures here!

That's good to know: The longest toboggan run in the Alps, 3500 metres long, is located in Imst, Austria (two and a half hours by car from Inzell away).

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Whitsunday 2019 in Bavaria
Whitsunday 2019 in Bavaria
Whitsunday 2019 in Bavaria

The "Pfingstroas" (means “Pentecost” + “travel”) in Inzell is a true Bavarian experience, a musical-culinary journey with a lot of Bavarian music, dancing national costumes, chic women and men in fancy costumes, nostalgic tractors and traditional crafts which is celebrated on the seventh Sunday after Easter.

About twenty music groups will play at the Christian holiday of Pentecost (also called "White Sunday") and the Inzeller hosts serve delicacies such as the Inzeller specialty "Ochsenfetzensemmeln", grilled Pentecostals or steaming baked potatoes with bacon.

An integral part of the Pfingstroas is again in 2019 a craft market in the Festsaal Inzell and in the parish hall Inzell, in which craftsmen and artists from near and far offer their exclusively hand-made products.

Procedure Whitsunday:

09:30: Musical service in the church St. Michael

10:00 a.m.: The old Bulldog cars are parked in front of the swimming pool. All Inzell shops will be opened.

11:00: Opening with beer tapping at the Maypole Inzell

11:00 - 16:00: Handicraft market in the Festsaal Inzell

12:00 - 18:00: Live music in many places (over 20 music groups!!!)

12:00 - 18:00: Music at the open stage at the town hall Inzell

12:00 - 18:00: Children's program at the town hall Inzell

13:00 - 14:30: Village tour of the nostalgic Bulldog-Oldtimer - some of them are almost 100 years old (!) - through Inzell

from 18:00: Finale and fun on the Maypole and in all Inzell restaurants 

So, let's go to the Pfingstroas in Inzell!

The Reikartz Team Hotel Gastager Inzell is looking forward to your visit! Just give us a call, we have a couple of rooms available for Pentecost: +49 (0) 8665 675 99 20 (21)

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The Koenigssee – a Great Lake in the Alps
The Koenigssee – a Great Lake in the Alps
The Koenigssee – a Great Lake in the Alps

The Königssee in the middle of the Berchtesgaden National Park is the only fjord-like mountain lake in Central Europe. Königssee is one of the few alpine lakes that usually remain ice-free in winter.

Only noiseless electric boats sail on the Königsee, the lake has drinking water quality and is one of the cleanest lakes in Germany.

St. Bartholomä is the landmark of Königssee. The drive to St. Bartholomä takes about 45 minutes. During the crossing, a lot is told about the Königsee. After about 1/3 of the distance the ship stops and a trumpeter plays a song, which can be heard again several times as an echo.

TIP: Most guests go only to St. Bartholomä, because there is the former hunting castle, which today serves as an idyllic inn, a very beautiful, world-famous pilgrimage church St. Bartholomä, further hiking opportunities and from there you have a fabulous view of the Watzmann and its "family". But don't forget to drive all the way to the Salletalm and hike to Obersee. If you are a good walker, you can continue from there to the alpine hut at the other end of the lake Obersee.

It takes only 40 minutes by car from our hotel Gastager in Inzell to the lake Königssee.

Day Trip to the Lake Chiemsee
Day Trip to the Lake Chiemsee
Day Trip to the Lake Chiemsee

The famous Chiemsee cycle path and many other cycles and hiking trails lead around the lake. You can simply walk around it, cycle, swim, fish, surf or visit its famous islands.

There are three islands in the Chiemsee, also known as the "Bavarian Sea": Fraueninsel ("ladies' island"), Herreninsel ("gentlemen's island") and Krautinsel (“herbs' island”). In summer the Krautinsel serves as a pasture for cattle. There are also three very small islands: The Schalch and two nameless islands, which are connected with each other by a gravel bank. The Herreninsel with its Herrenchiemsee Castle and the Fraueninsel with its ancient Benedictine monastery and a cute fishing village are visited every year by people from all over the world.

The Benedictine monastery Frauenwörth on the Fraueninsel in Chiemsee was founded in the 8th century. The monastery is very large and occupies almost a third of the total area of the Fraueninsel.

In 1873 King Ludwig II acquired the Herreninsel in Chiemsee, where he built his New Castle Herrenchiemsee as a private residence. The castle is a copy of Versailles Castle in France. A large garden was also planned to follow the example of Versailles.

Herreninsel and Fraueninsel can only be reached by ship or by boat. The Chiemsee boat trip departs in summer from Prien and Bernau directly to Herreninsel, and from Gstadt, Seebruck, Chieming, and Übersee via Fraueninsel. 

Amusement Park Ruhpolding
Amusement Park Ruhpolding
Amusement Park Ruhpolding

There is so much to discover in our neighbouring town Ruhpolding: The Chiemgau-Arena, cable car to the Rauschberg (1671 m), chair lift to the Unternberg (1425 m) with ski area (3 lifts), adventure and wellness bath Vita Alpina with outdoor pool, spa and sauna area and for families with children - amusement park Ruhpolding. The park was opened in 1967 and today offers a mountain roller coaster, slides and adventure playground in the mountain forest near Brand.

The amusement park Ruhpolding starts the new season 2019 on April 13th! As every year, the park surprises with a new attraction. NEW in 2019: THE FAMILY PLAY "DIRNDL DRAHN", in which the players must bring their dirndls to the top by rolling a ball and hitting it in different holes.

The attractions such as Dragon Ride Siegfried, Slippery Paradise, Box-Auto, Crystal Mine, May Tree-Climber, Barrel Game, Biathlon Duel, Mouse Hunting and the family game " Thieving Magpie" are covered and are therefore a great tip for a family outing in rainy weather.

Opening hours 2019: Saturday, 13 April to 3 November 2019, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., admission until 5 p.m.

Address: Amusement park Ruhpolding, Vorderbrand 7, 83324 Ruhpolding 

From our Hotel Gastager you need approx. 20 minutes by car (15 km) and approx. 50 minutes (12 km) by bicycle.

Mozart Dinner Concert in Salzburg
Mozart Dinner Concert in Salzburg
Mozart Dinner Concert in Salzburg

Take a day trip to Salzburg and book the Mozart Dinner Concert in the historic Baroque hall of the St. Peter Stiftkulinarium with a romantic candlelight dinner. The Baroque hall, which was already home to the Mozart family, is the last concert hall in Salzburg, which is still illuminated with candles.

The Mozart Dinner consists of three courses, inspired by recipes from the Mozart period.

The concert will take place in three parts of the courses. Enjoy the famous melodies from the great Mozart operas "The Magic Flute", "Don Giovanni" and "Figaro's Wedding".

Book here

Duration: approx. 2.5 hours; Dress code: smart casual.

DATE & TIME: Tuesday, March 28 and March 30, 2019 at 19:30

LOCATION: St. Peter Stiftskulinarium, St. Peter district ¼, 5020 Salzburg,

For questions: Tel. 0043 662 828695

Tips and Destinations for Families with Children
Tips and Destinations for Families with Children
Tips and Destinations for Families with Children

Embedded in the beautiful mountains in Inzell lies the bathing park, which is highly recommended for families with children. The swimming pool has a diving platform and an extra play area for children. The adjoining sauna area is very beautiful and cosy. In summer there is a natural pool outside. Not only people but also small and large fish swim in the water. There are plenty of shady places under many large trees.

Also, a walk through the Inzell moor is always recommendable. Parents and children can learn a lot about biotope moor. And all this in front of an impressive mountain backdrop! This hiking trail can be connected very well to hike to the Kessel-Alp.

The alpine pasture can also be reached by bicycle or car. Parking spaces are right next to the Kessel-Alm. On the terrace of the Kessel-Alm - with a breath-taking mountain panorama - you can enjoy a delicious Bavarian snack and homemade cakes. For children, there is a petting zoo and a summer tubing train.

We warmly welcome you to our family hotel Gastager Inzell!

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The Hiking Trail to Zwiesel
The Hiking Trail to Zwiesel
The Hiking Trail to Zwiesel

There is a great number of hiking trails in and around Inzell. The Zwiesel in eastern Chiemgau is a tried and tested hiking destination. It is really a varied, very scenic mountain hike! The Zwiesel is with 1782 m the highest mountain of the mountain chain Staufen in Bavaria, Germany. It is located between Inzell and Bad Reichenhall in the Bavarian districts Berchtesgadener Land and Traunstein.

Several marked trails lead from Inzell (Adlgaß), Weißbach (Jochberg) and Bad Reichenhall (Listsee) to the summit of Zwiesel. The ascent of Adlgaß leads over the shady Zwieselsteig up to the Neunerluk, then east over the promising ridge to the Zwiesel. The route leads on the north side of the mountain for a long time through shady forest and is especially recommended for the high summer. The ascent is well signposted and the views impressive. From the summit of the Zwiesel - but also during the ascent - you have a great view of the lake Chiemsee, Berchtesgaden Alps over the entire Chiemgau to the Bavarian Prealps.

If you feel like it, you can also walk over to the Zennokopf (1756 m) in about 10 minutes. From the Zennokopf a descent to the Zwieselalm on the south side of the mountain is highly recommended, from there continue on the Kohleralm and back to the starting point. The Kohleralm is mostly managed in the summer, otherwise, you can also stop in the inns in Inzell and Adlgaß.

If you still have enough strength, sure-footed and free from giddiness, cross the Zwiesel and follow between the pines of the Marking to Gamsknogel (1750m), the direct neighbour of the famous Zwiesel. The Gamsknogel is much less well known and committed because the trail is relatively demanding.

Another Chiemgau Alpine Pastures

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Events in Inzell on Monday, March 4th
Events in Inzell on Monday, March 4th
Events in Inzell on Monday, March 4th

MONDAY, MARCH 4, 2019, at 10:00

MERMAID SWIMMING: In a colorful, dazzling mermaid costume you learn the smooth movements of the mermaids. The photo shoot under water. Registration and Info: Whatsapp 0173/6801181. Venue: Badepark Inzell

WINTER RECEPTION: Inzell introduces itself and with a glass of sparkling wine you will be given valuable holiday tips. Without registration. Venue: Haus des Gastes, Rathausplatz 5, 83334 Inzell

TRIAL COURSE "DWARF": Try skiing playfully! Duration: 2 hours, cost: 35 €.

Or 3- / 4-DAY SKIERS "DWARF" for children from 3 to 5 years, duration: 3 or 4 x 2 hours, costs: 75 € / 90 €

Registration: Skischool Inzell, Tel .: 08665/1246. Venue: Ski school, Schwimmbadstrasse 12, 83334 Inzell

ICE RUNNING - TRAINING: Speed skating on the 400 m track under expert guidance. Duration: 1.5 hours. Registration in the tourist information until Monday at 12:00 o'clock. Cost: 19 , including admission, shoe, and coach. Cost: 19,00 . Venue: Max Aicher Arena, Reichenhaller Str. 79, 83334 Inzell

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The Pentecost 2019 in Inzell
The Pentecost 2019 in Inzell
The Pentecost 2019 in Inzell

The "Pfingstroas" (means “Pentecost” + “travel”) in Inzell is a true Bavarian experience, a musical-culinary journey with lots of Bavarian music, dancing national costumes, chic women and men in fancy costumes, nostalgic tractors and traditional crafts which is celebrated on the seventh Sunday after Easter.

About twenty music groups will play at the Christian holiday of Pentecost (also called "White Sunday") and the Inzeller hosts serve delicacies such as the Inzeller specialty "Ochsenfetzensemmeln", grilled Pentecostals or steaming baked potatoes with bacon.

An integral part of the Pfingstroas is again in 2019 a craft market in the Festsaal Inzell and in the parish hall Inzell, in which craftsmen and artists from near and far offer their exclusively hand-made products.

So, let's go to the Pfingstroas in Inzell!

The Reikartz Team Hotel Gastager Inzell is looking forward to your visit! Just give us a call, we have a couple of rooms available for Pentecost: +49 (0) 8665 675 99 20 (21)

Easy Trails for Cross-Country Skiing in Inzell
Easy Trails for Cross-Country Skiing in Inzell
Easy Trails for Cross-Country Skiing in Inzell

Learn cross-country skiing now!

Sports such as cross-country skiing bring your children back into contact with nature. In our sport village Inzell in the Chiemgau you can expect well-groomed and signposted trails, cross-country schools and family-friendly accommodation, including our cosy Gastager. Just give us a call: +49 (0) 8665 675 99 20 (21)

For children, who make their first attempts at cross-country skiing, the best is the 1km long, flat School trail (Schulloipe).

Entry is at the Volksschule Inzell.

The Village trail (Dorfloipe) directly in the village center is a great choice for families with children.

Entry: Chiemgauer Hof / Kurpark Inzell

The easy trails include the 2.5 km long Falkenstein trail in the nature reserve at the foot of the Falkenstein (classic, skating). The Falkensteinloipe is through the protection of the mountains totally snow sure.

Entry: Paulöd.

Have fun!

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We Wish You a Happy New Year!
We Wish You a Happy New Year!
We Wish You a Happy New Year!

Today ends the year 2018 and after New Year's Eve, the new year 2019 welcomes us. And again a beginning at the end, and again a new holiday, a new trip, maybe this year in the Chiemgau Alps, which will give you a good balance between activity and rest.

The Reikartz team wishes you a Happy New Year! May it provide you with a lot of interesting ways to bring happiness, health, and success!

With heartfelt wishes, we say thank you for the year 2018, with all its small and big joys, thank you for your trust. We'll be happy if you continue to read and comment our Facebook and Instagram posts, or subscribe to our YouTube channel, and we'll continue to work hard to share with you the wonderful moments from Inzell, the Chiemgau, Bavaria and the Alps.

We look forward to welcoming you to our cozy Hotel Gastager in Inzell in 2019!

All the best for you and your families! And welcome to Inzell in Chiemgau!

Christmas Trip to Salzburg
Christmas Trip to Salzburg
Christmas Trip to Salzburg

The famous Christmas carol "Silent Night! Holy Night! " celebrates its 200th anniversary in 2018!

The three Silent-Night-Provinces Salzburger Land, Tyrol and Upper Austria invite from 30 November until 16 December 2018 to numerous events and highlights.

With a combination ticket, you get access to all museums, including a daily ticket of the Salzburger Verkehrsverbund, which is valid on a freely selectable day in all zones.

Here you get your KOMBITICKET online!

The combined ticket (price: 18 €, reduction: 12 €) entitles you to a unique visit to all Silent Night museums in the nine national exhibition sites.

Inzell is only about 34 km from Salzburg away. By car, it takes about 35 minutes.

Arriving by car without a toll to Salzburg is possible. Discover Salzburg and its surroundings on the country roads without vignette.

Tobogganing in Inzell
Tobogganing in Inzell
Tobogganing in Inzell

The natural toboggan run at the Forsthaus Adlgaß is 600 meters long and leads through the middle of the forest. Sledges are available on site, with the Inzell Card you receive it for free. Sledges can be also rented on a daily basis and for a fee at "Sports Hochreiter" in the middle of Inzell.

The natural toboggan run in Adlgaß is illuminated two evenings a week.

Natural slopes are abundant, for example in the districts Reith, Schneewinkl, and Weißen.

The snow tubing park Kesselalm invites to sledding fun for those who are looking for a special kick. The kick of the snow tube is that you can not exert any influence on speed. Sit down and let gravity do the work!

At the Kesselalm you sit in a tube (inflated rubber tires) and rush down the prepared, 150-meter-long track and can be pulled up quite comfortably with the lift the slope again. Thanks to snow cannons, the tubing facility is in excellent condition all the time. Address: Kessel Alm, Froschseer Str. 37, 83334 Inzell. Tubing is available daily from 10 am - 5 pm.

The Kessellifte lifts are just 2.5 km away from Reikartz Hotel Gastager Inzell. On foot, you need about 30 minutes. Directions: On Fritz-Gastager Straße turn west towards Kirchweg, turn right onto Reichenhaller Str., Turn left onto Schmelzer Str., Turn right onto Froschseer Str. By car, you need approx. 6 minutes.

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Passion Mountain Biking
Passion Mountain Biking
Passion Mountain Biking

Go mountain biking in the Chiemgau mountains! If you want to explore the autumnal mountain scenery on your mountain bike, here's the tip for touring.

Feichteck - Tour - 6.5 km, altitude 617 is a not very exhausting tour for mountain bike adventurers.

Hiking parking Spatenau - towards Duftbräu - the next turn left - stay on the main path - direction Wagneralm (Wagner alpine pasture Wagner) - keep right on the main path - at the beginning of the clearing follow the way on the left - keep to the next two branches right - then turn left - up stay at the main path - at the end of the clearing, drive past the tree stump into the forest - enjoy the pasture and the Alps around you - drive into the forest - turn left at the next turn – Feichteckalm (alpine pasture Feickteck).

Try it yourself!

The Duftbräu is located on the high plateau of the Samerberg over Inntal and Chiemsee and offers a breathtaking view of the Bavarian Alpine foothills.

The Wagneralm is located directly below the Feichteck in the Bavarian Pre-Alps area. Opposite the pasture, you can enjoy the almost on the same level lying Heuberg pastures. The Wagneralm is managed from May to October (Mon - Fri from 14:00).

The Feichteck-Alm is located in the hiking area Samerberg, at 1.312 altitude meters, not far from the Feichteck summit. Opening hours: daily from June to the end of September from 10:30 to 20:00.

Enjoy the last autumn days in nature on two wheels!

The Cable Car between Inzell and Ruhpolding
The Cable Car between Inzell and Ruhpolding
The Cable Car between Inzell and Ruhpolding

Take the cable car to the Rauschberg and enjoy the beautiful view in the Alps!

You reach in a few minutes 1.700m altitude and on top, you have a fantastic view over Ruhpolding, the Alps and the Chiemgau. In good weather, you can enjoy the view to the lake Chiemsee.

Many hang gliders start there and you can watch them or try to fly yourself. The Rauschberg is known for its very good thermal activity and offers starting possibilities in three directions. 

Above, it is worthwhile, especially for the families with children to walk on the plateau to the mountain cross or to "Adam's hand". On the newly built Ghost Trail you can learn about the past with its spirits and “dark fellows”. The detailed description of the other hiking tours (panoramic tour (1.5 h.), Art Mile (1 h.), Valley hike (Sackgraben) (4 h.), Kienberg hike (3.5 h.), Enjoying hike (about 1 day) can be found here.

On the Rauschberg you’ll find a big children's play area with climbing wall, climbing net and ball bath.

There is a small pub above, which is enough for a beer or small Bavarian delicacies. There are also special children's menus in the guest house.

Also, the Christmas market on the top of the mountain Rauschberg is worth a visit. "Rauschberg Christmas" on 01./02. and 08./09.12.2018, the cable car is opened from 10: 00 till 18: 00 o’clock)

Prices: Adults (ascent and descent) - € 22 , children 5 to 14 years - € 9 , dogs - € 4,50.

With the CHIEMGAU CARD RUHPOLDING & INZELL, you can go up and down for free. 

You can hike to the top of the Rauschberg and go down by cable car. It takes about 4 hours. You can also descend on foot and come out between Inzell and the valley station.

Please note - no driving from 05.11.2018 to 24.12.2018.

Address: Knogl 12, 83324 Ruhpolding

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Mountain Bike Tour in the Alps
Mountain Bike Tour in the Alps
Mountain Bike Tour in the Alps

The Käseralm-Frasdorfe tour - 20 km, altitude 637 m, relatively demanding, but not overly strenuous route.

How to reach a parking lot: Motorway Munich Salzburg, exit Achenmühle - Samerberg in the direction of Achenmühle. In Achenmühle turn right direction Samerberg, after approx. 3 km turn left towards Grainbach, then follow the signs Hochriesbahn.

Start from the parking lot Grainbach Samerberg and follow the signs "Kaseralm". From December to May, the Käseralm is only open on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. From May to the end of October it is open from 10 am, on Sundays and during the public holidays until 6 pm; on Monday is closed.

For mountain bikers, the beautiful round trip to the Frasdorf hut with a panoramic view of the fantastic mountains is particularly popular.

Turn left at the Käseralm - stay on the main path - turn right at the herb meadow - follow the footpath through the forest - keep right at the forest road - cross the stream - cross the field onto the main path - turn right - Frasdorfer Hütte.

The Frasdorfer Hütte - lovingly called Frasi - is one of the most famous huts in the Chiemgau!

At the alp turn right onto the gravel path - keep right - stay on the main road - turn right in the forest - follow the country road to Grainbach.

Try it yourself!

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Ice Speedway World Championship 2019
Ice Speedway World Championship 2019
Ice Speedway World Championship 2019

On the 16th and 17th of March 2019, as every year, the world elite of ice gladiators meets again in the Max Aicher Arena in Inzell.

Friday, 15.03.2019 - TRAINING (1:30 pm stadium admission, 2:00 pm start of training for the World Championship)

Saturday, 16.03.2019 (16:20 clock driver presentation, 17:00 clock World Championship)

Sunday, 17.03.2019 (13:20 clock driver presentation, 14:00 clock World Championship)

The pre-sale for the mega-weekend in the Bavarian Alpendorf begins on 04.10.2018 - so who wants to secure the best seats, should hurry. You can buy tickets hereThe daily tickets for the race cost between 28 and 55 euros.

For the first time, in addition to the normal tickets (standing and seating places), VIP packages will also be offered. The number is very limited and will not be given to individuals! The tickets include a space on the balcony as well as food, drinks and a separate guide in the paddock. Requests from interested companies can be made via the contact form on our website (see above).

During the World Championship, you are welcome to the Hotel Gastager, which is only 10 minutes walk from the Max Aicher Arena away. 

Holiday Tips Inzell
Holiday Tips Inzell
Holiday Tips Inzell

In autumn Inzell also offers a diverse activity repertoire out in nature: hiking through the Moor experience path, exploring the Bergwald adventure trail and discovering 20 exciting stations around the themes of forest, wood, and animals or just a short bike ride drive through the beautiful autumn landscape!

Do you know our Soccer park? How about a round of football golf? Soccer park Inzell will be open until 4 November 2018.

It is raining heavily?

Take the one-hour guided tour in the MAX AICHER ARENA and take a look behind the scenes at one of the world's most beautiful ice rinks.

Costs: Adults - € 5 , children - €2.50, without guest card 3 euros extra.

Or warm up in the indoor pool Inzell in the hot-water bubble bath or in the sauna.

We wish you happy hours in Inzell and in our hotel Gastager!

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Hiking Tour to the Lake Frillensee Inzell
Hiking Tour to the Lake Frillensee Inzell
Hiking Tour to the Lake Frillensee Inzell

Take a leisurely, easy hike to Germany's coldest lake! HOW TO GET THERE: Leave the way A8 (Munich / Salzburg) at exit 112 Traunstein / Inzell / Ruhpolding and drive via Inzell to the hiking car park Adlergaß.

You hike up the mountain forest trail through the shady mixed forest, always along the rushing stream Frillensee. Did you know that Frillensee lake freezes from the inside out?

Information boards on the lake explain the emergence of these glacial relics. Enjoy this fairytale mountain lake and its wonderful moor landscape.

And if you still cannot get enough of hiking, and are hungry for even more breathtaking mountain panoramas, you can follow the signs to Steineralm from Frillensee.

The Steineralm (1030 m) lies on the north side of the Hochstaufen. There you will be spoiled with the for the alpine pastures typical snacks, soups, sausages, cakes and of course the famous Steineralm buttermilk.

However, the Steineralm is farmed only during the grazing season - from early June to mid-October. Overnight stays are possible. Tel. 08651/1201

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iSKI App for Skiers
iSKI App for Skiers
iSKI App for Skiers

Plan your skiing holiday in the Alps and experience the pure winter happiness at the Reikartz Hotel Gastager Inzell, close to beautiful ski slopes in the Chiemgau region! 

The Inzell Kessel Lift ski area with a magnificent view over the Inzeller Valley is only 2.5 km from the Hotel Gastager away (about 6 minutes by car). It is open daily from 09.00 to 16.00. Night-time skiing with floodlight: Fridays from 18.00 to 21.00.

The Unternberg / Ruhpolding Ski Area amid the Chiemgau Alps can be reached in 15 minutes by car.

If you want to find out more about a ski resort today, use iSKI App.

Find out about the current ski resort situations (weather conditions, current snow depths, avalanche report, live cams, hotel tips, ski hire recommendations, cabins, etc.) from 2,200 ski resorts worldwide. Find friends in your ski resort and challenge them to a race. Compete against skiers from all over the world, collect pins and be rewarded for their achievements with great HEAD prizes!

The HEAD iSKI Trophy will start on the 1st of November 2018 and will run for the whole winter season (until 1st of May 2018). Every registered iSKI user can participate in the iSKI Trophy and collect PINS.

How can you collect PINS? Read here.

All iSKI apps are available for free!

The integrated Facebook Connection connects skiers and snowboarders with the community.

The user of the free iSKI Deutschland app can list near him and be guided by the route planner directly to his area.

Ski resorts in Germany 

International Race in Inzell
International Race in Inzell
International Race in Inzell

In winter, Bavaria's only speed skating ring is used for ice skating competitions, public, and school skating. The ice stadium Inzell has often been the venue for spectacular open airs. International speed skating race takes place at the beginning of October:

Start time Friday, 05. October 2018, 18:00

Start time Saturday, 06. October 2018 13:00

Start time Sunday, 07. October 2018 09:30

Friday: 500, 1,000 m, Saturday: 500, 3,000 or 5,000 m, Sunday: 1,500 m

Location: Max Aicher Arena, Reichenhaller Str. 79, 83334 Inzell

Welcome! Admission: € 2.00. And if you have a taste, you can try it yourself:

Registration in the tourist information until Monday at 12:00 o'clock. Cost: 19 €, including admission, shoe, and coach.

Take a look behind the scenes at one of the world's most modern ice rinks!

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Cross-Country Skiing in Inzell
Cross-Country Skiing in Inzell
Cross-Country Skiing in Inzell

An excellent trail network, very good snow conditions and the beautiful mountain scenery of the Chiemgau - all that awaits you in your winter holiday in Inzell! Our region is a paradise for cross-country skiers and skaters; for beginners, advanced and competitive athletes.

And if you have a lot of bad luck and the natural snow is not enough here, cross-country skiing in the Chiemgau Arena is the perfect option.

Speaking of Chiemgauer Arena! FROM 15th TO 20th JANUARY 2019 BIATHLON WORLD CUP RUHPOLDING will take place in the Chiemgauer Arena. Do not miss the grand opening ceremony on January 15, 2019 at 19:30 at Championspark Ruhpolding

On January 16, 2019, the stadium opens at 11:00. Afterward (from 14:30) - Sprint men 10 km, at 19:30 - the award ceremony in the Champions Park. More about the program can be found here.


Via the A8: exit Traunstein / Siegsdorf, from here signs for the parking spaces in Ruhpolding and Inzell

From Salzburg-Berchtesgaden: direct access via the German Alpine Road to the parking lots to Inzell

At the Chiemgau Arena there are NO access and parking possibilities!

From the parking lots, it goes by bus shuttle or on foot.

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Cross-Country Skiing Event for Teams in Inzell
Cross-Country Skiing Event for Teams in Inzell
Cross-Country Skiing Event for Teams in Inzell

Are you already planning your winter vacation? Do you enjoy cross-country skiing? Then you are exactly right with us in Inzell! Whether classic or skating, in Inzell there are 80 fabulous cross-country trails. Inzell village trail, Inzell Falkenstein trail, Inzell Sulzbach trail and Inzell school trail are wonderful trails for beginners. Inzell Filzenloipe and Inzell Nachtloipe at the campsite are intermediate. There are also 5 trails for advanced skiers. Detailed information about each trail can be found here.

And right now we're starting to put together an enthusiastic guest team for our ski cross-country event. Because on January 27, 2019, the popular Chiemgau Team Trophy (CTT), the cross-country event in the classic style and the skating style for teams, will take place for the fourth time, and we are looking forward to numerous participations. Each participant can choose the appropriate speed and length of the stage. It is a wonderful activity to share with others, it brings us closer to nature, it is a healthy activity, it is simply fun. Start 09:00 am.

Register now, join our Inzeller team and receive the favourable registration fee. The registration form for the Chiemgau Team Trophy 2019 can be found here. Registration deadline 11.01.2019, late registration possible on the spot.

Start with your family, colleagues or friends from Inzell via Ruhpolding to Reit im Winkl and enjoy our fairy-tale nature and snowy landscape in the Chiemgau mountains! The Reikartz team from Hotel Gastager wishes you lots of fun!

Pilates Exercises in Inzell
Pilates Exercises in Inzell
Pilates Exercises in Inzell

Every Tuesday at 5 pm and every Friday at 10 am, an experienced Pilates coach Karina Hübsch will show you in the spa gardens in Inzell Pilates exercises for weight loss and muscle building, which you can integrate into your daily routine.

It is especially convenient for our dear guests, because the Inzeller spa’s municipal garden is only a 5-minute walk away from the Hotel Gastager :-)

Pilates exercises strengthen the back and the abdomen, improve the posture, with Pilates exercises you gently reduce your weight.

The training includes strength exercises, stretching and conscious breathing. Important is the smooth execution of the movements. All movements must be performed fluently in the Pilates and controlled at the same time, how to do that, you can learn at the beginning from the professional.

Enjoy the Pilates exercises in the green oasis of our park, appreciate the fresh mountain air in the recognized climatic health resort Inzell! And be healthy!

Find out more about the Pilates method and other offers here.

Mozart Cycle Path
Mozart Cycle Path
Mozart Cycle Path

Are you on the Mozart cycle path and need a break? Welcome! Breathe the clear, fresh air in the renowned climatic health resort Inzell and recharge your batteries at the Hotel Gastager!

And for those who are still planning their holiday in the Alps, we would like to recommend in this article the just mentioned wonderful Mozart bike path.

The exciting Mozart Cycle Path is 446.5 km long and divided into 16 stages, ech of them is no longer than 50 km. You start in Salzburg and then arrive back in Salzburg. But of course, the Mozart round trip also allows other entry points.

More detailed information about the 16 stages can be found here

We would like to introduce you the Mozart Cycle Path Stage: Freilassing - Inzell (38.8 km) and the Mozart Cycle Path Inzell - Kössen (38.3 km)

From Freilassing in the Upper Bavarian district of Berchtesgadener Land, the route takes you over hills and forests, along romantic lakes to Teisendorf and further on to the Chiemgau Prealps. After the partial rounding of the Teisenberg (a mountain between Inzell and Teisendorf and Anger) you arrive in Inzell.

Explore Inzell, relax in our hotel and the next day you can cycle from Inzell direction Reit im Winkl. Enjoy the path between the mountains to Ruhpolding. Via the Chiemgau Arena, which has meanwhile developed into an Olympic training center, you will reach the mountain lakes Lödensee, Mittersee and Weitsee and continue cycling to Seegatterl and Reit im Winkl. The Tree-Lakes-Land between Ruhpolding and Reit im Winkl is surrounded by picturesque Chiemgau mountain scenery. Here is a refreshment announced! The most beautiful view of the picturesque lake-trio you have from the Dürrfeldkreuz.

Did you arrive in Kössen? Kössen is especially popular with paragliders and hang gliders. The Unterberghorn, a 1773 m high mountain massif, and the Fellhorn, a 2037 m high mountain in the Allgäu Alps near Oberstdorf, offer beautiful hiking possibilities. In late summer, the Fellhorn is covered with Alpine roses, so do not miss out on this natural spectacle!

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Adventure Playground Schmelz
Adventure Playground Schmelz
Adventure Playground Schmelz

Come to the official opening and church blessing of the new adventure playground in Schmelz on the 7th of August at 5 pm! In addition to the Mountain Forest Adventure Trail in Adlgaß and the Moor Adventure Trail, the families with children in Inzell can look forward to a new highlight - the adventure playground Schmelz!

Enjoy an exciting children's program, the wild water race with homemade boats, the delicious food and the music.

The new playground is located in a fantastic, quiet location, at the edge of the forest, with a parking space in the immediate vicinity. The children and their parents can playfully learn here a lot about the mountain forest, the woodworking, the life of individual trees.

Soccergolf as Part of Your Corporate Event
Soccergolf as Part of Your Corporate Event
Soccergolf as Part of Your Corporate Event

Play football golf on Germany's largest football golf course overlooking the surrounding Alps! The Soccerpark is located in Inzell at Mitterweg 33, only 3.5 km away from the Hotel Gastager. By bike you reach the football golf course in about 13 minutes.

The new fun sport - also called soccer golf - comes originally from Sweden. It is played with a normal football similar to the minigolf on 18 lanes. As a racket serves the foot :-)

Football golf is suitable for families, as well as for children's birthday parties, bachelor parties, club or corporate events. Speaking of company events: We offer in the Hotel Gastager a cozy meeting room, which you will certainly like and in our in-house restaurant you will be lovingly cooked. And then a little bit of sport and a lot of fresh alpine air at the football golf! What do you want more?

The nicest thing about the Soccergolf - in contrast to golf, no handicap or the like is necessary!

You can find out more about opening hours, prices and offers here 

Have fun and good luck!

Conferences and Seminars in the Chiemgau
Conferences and Seminars in the Chiemgau
Conferences and Seminars in the Chiemgau

Are you looking for the right ambience for your next seminar? For this we have the perfect room for max. 16 people in Reikartz Hotel Gastager. Our meeting room is perfect for workshops, multi-day meetings, training and team off sites.

Of course, with individual catering and technical service. The catering we like to put together individually for you. Basically, we offer small snacks, soups, desserts, sandwiches, fruit and hot and cold drinks.

Parking lots are available.

Simply book by phone +49 (0) 8665 675 99 20 or by e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. the stay in our Hotel Gastager and experience the special: The Alps, the lakes and the healthy air of the recognized health resort Inzell in the Chiemgau. With our Reikartz team, your conference will be a joint success for all participants. More details can be found here.

Tips for a Day Trip in the Chiemgau: Frillensee Round
Tips for a Day Trip in the Chiemgau: Frillensee Round
Tips for a Day Trip in the Chiemgau: Frillensee Round

In total, there are 74 exciting and beautiful hikes to choose from in the Inzell region. And there is a forest adventure trail in Inzell, which is particularly suitable for a trip with the whole family.

The Bergwald Adventure Trail wants to encourage its visitors, especially children, to experience the beauty and diversity of nature with all their senses. Try to feel, smell, hear, taste and see the forest. Play a wooden organ, talk to each other via a tree telephone, and walk barefoot and blind through the ground course.

The trail leads through the mixed forest along the rushing Frillenseebach creek to the wild and romantic Frillensee, Germany's coldest lake.

The start of this mountain forest adventure path is at the hiking car park Adlgaß (Wanderparkplatz Adlgaß). The place is accessible by public transport.

World Cup 2019 in Inzell
World Cup 2019 in Inzell
World Cup 2019 in Inzell

The highlight of this ice skating season is clearly the  ISU World Single Distances Speed Skating Championships 2019 on 7th to 10th February 2019 in Inzell.

What luck: The DEC Inzell / Frillensee e.V. may once again perform the speed skating world championship in the Max Aicher Arena!

Claudia Pechstein, Nico Ihle, Gabi Hirschbichler, Roxanne, Joel Dufter, Patrick Beckert and many other speed skaters from all over the world will fight for the podium in our beautiful Chiemgau.

The ticket pre-sale is expected to begin in August. More information can be found here.

Everyone in Inzell can try out the speed skating on the 400 m track under expert guidance. Public run 400m course from 31.10.2018 up to and including 03.03.2019. Every Wednesday from 19:30 to 21:30 and Sunday from 14:00 to 16:00 (except special events).

And you are welcome in our Reikartz Hotel Gastager Inzell, which is only 10 minutes’ walk from the Max Aicher Arena!

The MTB – King Tour in the Chiemgau
The MTB – King Tour in the Chiemgau
The MTB – King Tour in the Chiemgau

Log in to and get the title "Chiemgau King"! Manage 8 alpine pastures, 168 km, 4,629 meters in one day and the gold crown is yours. You can take it easier: The silver crown will be awarded to you for tackling the MTB route in two days. And if you make the most beautiful routes across the Chiemgau Alps in three days, the bronze crown is guaranteed for you as a great memory about the Alps.

More information about the routes (St. Nikolaus Trail Inzell, Kraxenbach Trail, Kloster Trail Maria Eck, Klein Canada - 3 lakes area) can be found here

The Reikartz Hotel Gastager Inzell is happy about cycling enthusiasts as our guests!

Spring festival of the mountains
Spring festival of the mountains
Spring festival of the mountains

May 20-27, 2018 - Spring brings the world to life again. A colorful program on the topics of deceleration, nature and originality recharges the battered batteries. Especially worthwhile is the visit to the traditional forest festival of the Trachtenverein D'Rauschberger-Zell on the grounds of the Holzknechtmuseum. At Bavarian customs, fine delicacies and tasty beer, it can be celebrated. In the bell forge, the old hammer mill is put into operation and on the large grindstone you can see how previously tool was sanded.

The special beer garden atmosphere, in the midst of nature with music, Plattler and dance interludes are something very special and one should have experienced once. The action day at the Holzknechtmuseum is under the motto "Naturally!" And offers everything from flying fox for the kids to herbal and mushroom hikes for the adults. From the culinary side delicacies are served from the grill, coffee and cake of Röckifrauen and of course specialty beers.

Street Party 2018 in Salzburg
Street Party 2018 in Salzburg
Street Party 2018 in Salzburg

From June 29th at 3:00 pm to June 30th at 10:00 pm the great Altstadtfest Linzer Gasse takes place in Salzburg. Look forward to a varied program: live music, theater games, a children's carousel, an exciting youth program, a flea market, dance shows, great offers and hearty delicacies.

Walking acts take place on Friday between 15:30 and 18:00 and on Saturday between 11:30 and 18:00 from Bruderhof to Reitsamerplatz through the streets.

Admission free!

From the Hotel Gastager in Inzell it is only a stone's throw to Salzburg: by car you need about 45 minutes for the distance of about 50 kilometers.

More information can be found at

Hiking on the SalzAlpenTouren
Hiking on the SalzAlpenTouren
Hiking on the SalzAlpenTouren

Dear guests of our Hotel Reikartz Gastager Inzell,


Today we would like to recommend you some great hiking routes in our region:

7.06.2018: Chiemsee-Alpenland Stage 4

The hiking route with a beautiful view of Frasdorf and the church of St. Florian and with a wonderful view of the foothills of the Alps in the heart of the Chiemgau.

And at the Samerberg you can test the small bike park, and rent bikes there. 

8.06.2018: Over the Grassauer Almen

A non-strenuous mountain hike for you and your children. For food and drink is well catered for by some pastures.

11.06.2018: Reichenhaller Panorama Tour

This not very easy, but very varied tour was certified with the "German Hiking Seal for Premium Routes".

Explore with us the fairytale-like area below the Hochstaufen (1771m) and the Zenokopf (1756m)!

12.06.2018: Almbachklamm

The Almbachklamm is a 3 km long, romantic gorge at the foot of the mighty Untersberg in the municipality Marktschellenberg.

Registration at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

More information can be found here 

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The Gregorian Voices
The Gregorian Voices
The Gregorian Voices

Gregorianik meets Pop - From the Middle Ages to today.

The vocal-powerful singers perform the pieces with an exhilarating clarity, inviting the concert through its musical precision and the pure chanting of the chorus to switch off and escape everyday life in a wonderful way.

The outstanding thing about this choir is that it enriches the early medieval Gregorian chants with pop songs and revives and reinterprets them completely. "The Gregorian Voices" impressively arrange famous pop music classics in the Gregorian style. The audience is enthusiastic: "intense, disturbing, outstanding and amazing".

In addition to ERA's "Ameno", "Imagine", a well-known song by John Lennon, reaps acclaim.

The concert will take place on 8 May 2018 at 20:30.

Castle ruins Glanegg
Castle ruins Glanegg
Castle ruins Glanegg

Castle ruins Glanegg is an impregnable fortress on a hill, visible from afar, in the middle of the sunny Glantales. The castle is a combination of different architectural elements and styles, in particular of the Romanesque style and the Renaissance. For tourists, of course, the main building of the castle, the Romanesque tower, is of particular interest.

The first mention of the castle dates back to 1121. Its first owner was Henry III. Then the castle was built by nephew Henry III. - Bernhard Graf Spanheim - inherited. He bequeathed the possession of his nephew Duke Otkatar II.

The old building is surrounded by lush vineyards and fossil remains of tree trunks. For tourists, the entrance is open on well-defined days, so it is impossible to visit the castle spontaneously.

Karlstein Castle
Karlstein Castle
Karlstein Castle

The ruins of Karlstein Castle are in the German town of Bad Reichenhall. The castle was located on a steep rock and could only be reached via a long metal staircase.

The castle was built in the early 12th century by Konrad von Paylstein. In the 17th century the family of the Duke of Bavaria Karlstein was rebuilt. The new building was built in baroque style. The castle had a square base; Its circular-shaped side towers scanned the sky with conical roofs. Next to the castle there was a chapel and farm buildings.

In 2012, the ruins of the castle were acquired privately. Part of the walls have been restored and the paths have been cleared of the tree plantings. Today, the remains of the architectural complex are available to visitors.

Saalach Power Plant
Saalach Power Plant
Saalach Power Plant

The hydroelectric power plant Saalach in Bad Reichenhall was put into operation in 1914. The wastewater comes through a structure consisting of five pipes each 2.5 meters in diameter and turbines 620 meters long. The power plant supplies a power for the residential buildings of Bad Reichenhall, as well as a nearby railway. The main building of the power plant is today a protected cultural monument of Bavaria.

The main building is a two-storey building with a tent roof made of red bricks. The facade of the building is divided into four sectors by columns, each with four double rectangular windows. Under the hipped roof is a semicircular arch with square windows and the coat of arms of the city. The building stands directly on the working structure of the station.

Ski Resort Spitzingsee
Ski Resort Spitzingsee
Ski Resort Spitzingsee

On the shores of a beautiful blue lake, surrounded by high mountains and dense forest, It is one of the most popular ski resorts in Bavaria - Spitzingsee. This picturesque place attracts tourists with its natural beauty, clean mountain air and excellent winter entertainment. There will be something for both beginners and experienced skiers or snowboarders.
Spitzingsee is a small town, and there are only 7000 people live. Here you can recover from the hustle and bustle, surrounded by almost untouched nature, especially since a big city - Munich is only an hour away. In addition to winter entertainment and beautiful nature, the resort is known for its healing mountain air. It is not for nothing that doctors have been recommending people to come here for centuries with allergies and respiratory diseases.
Spitzingsee is a magnificent ski resort, one of the three most popular winter destinations in Germany. There are many different paths that are suitable for both children and docile professionals. A special attraction of the resort is the Burton Snow Park, where professional athletes prepare for competitions. By the way, special emphasis is placed on a high degree of safety in the park - guests can get free helmets and protective equipment for skiing. Spitzingsee is also one of the longest in Germany sled runs, the length of almost five kilometers.

Reikartz Hotel Group is Expanding
Reikartz Hotel Group is Expanding
Reikartz Hotel Group is Expanding

The Reikartz Gastager Inzell is located in the heart of Inzell, 1 kilometer from the Max Eiger Arena, surrounded by a mountain range. Within a 6-minute walk of the hotel is the Kurpark, and within 20 minutes by car you can reach the fabulous Lake Chiemsee.

The hotel's infrastructure consists of 39 comfortable rooms, a restaurant where in the morning guests can enjoy a buffet breakfast, an indoor pool with a mountain panorama, ski facilities, free guarded parking, and underground parking. In the evening, you can order a complex dinner in the restaurant, while the bar offers light snacks and drinks.

«The name "Gastager" came from the family who returned from Amerika back to Inzell, assume during the 1950 and developed the Kurort and build the hotel. Our new hotel is a Bavarian style 3star boutique hotel located in the center of this Kurort. The goal is to re-position the hotel as the best 3star boutique hotel in this area»,– commented Sebastian Kremer, CEO of Reikartz Hotel Group.

Today the hotel chain Reikartz Hotel Group unites more than 30 hotels in Ukraine and 5 outside of it: in Kazakhstan, Sweden and Germany.

Cozy hotel in the picturesque countryside
Cozy hotel in the picturesque countryside
Cozy hotel in the picturesque countryside

Located in the middle of the picturesque Chiemgau, surrounded by beautiful mountains, lies the charming and warm Hotel Gastager. The ideal location to relax and get to know the region.

The exceptional charm of the house, the personal atmosphere and the attentive service will make your stay special. Be our guest - we look forward to pampering you.

The Reikartz Hotel Gastager Inzell is located in the historic center of Inzell, with a unique view of the imposing Alpine panorama. There are 39 individual & comfortable rooms and junior suites, many with balconies and unique panoramic views.