The Island Frauenchiemsee

The Marienmünster on the island Fraueninsel is the landmark of Chiemgau. The Marienmünster is a three-aisled basilica with the free-standing bell tower from the 13th century. 

Hike through the small monastery island Frauenchiemsee (often called Fraueninsel), admire the ancient lime trees, romantic fisherman's houses, the 400-year-old pottery, the Carolingian gate hall from the 9th century, try famous monastery liqueurs and marzipan of the Benedictine monastery Frauenwörth.

The Frauenwörth Monastery on the Fraueninsel is today a well-known seminar place for adult education, offering rooms for advanced training seminars, conferences and congresses. Here many music events take place. The Benedictine monastery Frauenwörth is very old, it was founded in 772 already. The monastery itself can not be visited, it is still inhabited by Benedictine nuns. The Romanesque frescoes dating back to 1150 AD can be admired here. The monastery church, the gate hall, the chapel and the cemetery, where the famous sculptors, painters, writers, professors and musicians of Germany found their last rest are opened for tourists.

If a family wishes to have their child in vain, the couple will make a pilgrimage to the Woman's Island to the tomb of Saint Irmengard. The great-granddaughter of Charlemagne was beatified by Pope Pius XI. in 1928  and is considered the patron saint of Chiemgau. Marrying is possible on the Frauenchiemseel.

The circular route around the island Fraueninsel is also suitable for wheelchair users.