St. Bartholomew's Church

The Baroque pilgrimage chapel St. Bartholomä on the peninsula Hirschau in the Königssee landed in 2015 at number 12 of the TOP 100 sights in Germany.

Near the Church of St. Bartholomew, the Bavarian kings had their hunting lodge, which today serves as an idyllic inn (Bartholomä-Wirt).

A special panoramic view of St. Bartholomä with the towering Watzmann in the background and the 1100 m lower Königssee offers the Feuerpalven at the Gotzenalm.

The pilgrimage from the Austrian Maria Alm over the Steinerne Meer to St. Bartholomä is the oldest mountain pilgrimage in Europe and dates back to 1635.

Tips for hikers: From the St. Bartholomew's Church a popular trail leads to the Eiskapelle in the valley Eisbachtal at the foot of the Watzmann.

If a sufficiently thick ice cover has formed (at least 15 cm), a trail over the ice to St. Bartholomä is marked and released for pedestrians, cyclists and skiers. However, the Königssee is one of the few Alpine lakes that usually remain ice-free in winter.